update week 11

Posted on July 28th, 2008 in Uncategorized

It will be 11 weeks tommorrow since surgery. It seems like I have been dealing with this for so long. It has changed the way I take on anything and I have limitations where I have not before. Small things like changing a light bulb, moving a box of anything, lifting, walking on stairs, climbing a stool, or stepping out of the car have me thinking of things I never have had to consider. I am healing well although seem to have slowed as far as day to day improvement. I am walking still with a limp but not too bad especially after the morning tightness wears off but before the tired achilles kicks in. About an hour of good mobility. I have been for my 3rd post op appointment and he seemed pleased with strength and mobility and told me to force walking heal to toe. Which I do but it feels really wierd to walk that way more than a limp does.  

       The Good news: I have been told I can play golf again. Finally. I played 3 days in a row last week taking a day off work Friday to play on my birthday. 85,88,90. Not even close to where I was but it was so good to get out there and swing a club again. I played this past Sunday and started out with a 41 on the front but my buddies can tell right when I get tired. They said I stop putting weight on the bad leg and my transfer looks rushed. I have picked up on projects around the house again and trying to get back to normal. It just takes so long to recover from this. I have to remind myself when I cut grass that if I run into bees in the yard not to run but just take it. uggh. Hasnt happened yet but I really keep my eyes open just in case.

        Good luck to all, this sight has been so helpful.

All the uncertainty will drive you mad!!!

Posted on July 14th, 2008 in Uncategorized

About a week ago I decided to start doing some neglected chores around the house since I have been getting around so well. I wrapped my ankle and achilles with an ace bandage lightly to combat swelling and went out to get leaves off the driveway with a leaf blower. I did real well and felt a huge sense of accomplishment. When I removed the ace I noticed that my wrapped leg was much less swolen than usual and when I run my hand down the back of the leg you can feel several inconsistancies in the tendon. Like ridges but some are bigger than others. The biggest is where the ATR occured and seems almost like a void that they tell you you can see after you first diagnose ATR. It really scared me and I took it easy for the rest of the weekend. I still feel it getting stronger everyday but the tendon seems smaller there now. Maybe Im just being paraniod but we all know we dont want to go thru this again.

    My question to all is after your swelling is no longer a problem and you can feel the tendon does the tendon feel uniform? Are there ridges and even places that are thinner and almost a void. Thanks in advance.