Two Shoes at 6 Weeks?

So the check up with the surgeon went well this week. He told me to go into two shoes next week and continue PT twice a week for another 4 weeks. Follow up with the surgeon at week 9. It’s been nice walking slowly around the house with no boot on. Taking it slow and easy. Next big hurdle is driving.

3 Responses to “Two Shoes at 6 Weeks?”

  1. I won’t be on 2 shoes till 12 weeks. He said I’ll be ok to drive at 8 nut wants me in my boot to walk and take it off to drive. I’m at 5 weeks now and I don’t feel like I could be in 2 shoes by next week.

  2. vegas joey
    I’ve been taking the boot off after work and stretching the foot as much as possible for quite a while. Last weekend at 4.5 weeks, I began taking baby steps around the house.I am currently able to slowly walk around the house without the boot. Stay strong and just give it a try. Happy healing.

  3. Will do. I’ve beed doing stretching to 4 times a day. Today’s the best it’s felt post surgery. Ironically couple days ago I felt I was regressing. Surprised how tight it is. Keep it up. Look forward to your progress updates.

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