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1 Year, 4 months later - 3 fantastic days of mountain biking in Moab, UT!

The AT held up well for three days of tough riding out at the ultimate mountain biking playground. For those familiar, we rode Slickrock, Porcupine Rim and Baby Steps. All are super trails and quite challenging. Overall my AT held strong and was only mildly sore at the end of each day. I am very grateful for a full recovery well enough to enjoy many of my favorite sports! I do not plan to return to basketball the offending sport as I really don’t want to repeat with the other leg. All the best to those recovering. You will get better. Just stick with your plan and work hard. Cheers, Bode

1 Year Post-op, Life is good!

Hello Fellow ATR Survivors, I made it past the 1-year recovery milestone! I often reflect on what life was like just 1 year ago and realize how bad it was. Lying on the couch with my foot above my heart for several weeks, the long painful process of NWB-stumbling around on crutches and scooting on my turning leg caddy, then the even more painful process of FWB as I tried to regain some normal functioning-the limping, hobbling, painful end of day swollen leg and the rush to ice and elevate as soon as I hit the front door. It is amazing how “fast” a year goes by and yet while in the throws of recovery how dreadfully “slow” a year goes by.

At the one year mark I feel like I have fully recovered in the sense of being able to do most all activities I used to do except for the choice I made NOT to return to full-court basketball which was the cause of this whole mess. I have decided to focus on Mt. biking and snowboarding for recreational sports and leave the competitive team sports to the younger and more athletic. I also still feel the effects of ATR–every time I go for a run or a long ride I am reminded that it’s just not the same and it’s more sore than my good leg. Overall, life is very good and I can honestly say I learned some patience and to be somewhat more compassionate towards others since I never really know what they are going through at any given moment. We all face trials in life of all kinds and I now try to have more understanding for how others might be feeling. Now that I am a 1 year survivor, I thought I would share a few tips for those just starting out or in the midst of recovery:

  • Learn to laugh at yourself. Try to find the humor in your awkward bumbling about.
  • Seek out ideas and learn from others who have “been there” but also realize you are unique and you must have your “own” experience. It is easy to get discouraged reading about all the fast recovery go-getters out there. While you may get some encouragement and some good ideas to speed your recovery, you are also unique and must take the recovery process that best works for you.
  • Do all you can to be mobile and active as soon as possible. I firmly believe that caution is important but also know that once your AT is properly protected with a cast or boot you actually can do quite a bit and if you were active before the injury, which is most of us, then returning to anything that gets you moving can be helpful. Like doing pushups, riding a stationary bike, lifting weights, sit-ups, etc. can help you feel like you are not just wasting away.
  • Ask for help! This is especially important for those who may not have a family around. Getting some help in the early going can really boost your spirits and help with the recovery.
  • Blog. As often as you feel the need to express yourself and share your experience even if you just want to rant. I think this blog community is extremely useful. To have several hundred people all with the same ailment and all connected at the same time is huge! It provides so much information and real life experience about what you are going through and is not available anywhere else. So log on often and stay connected!

That’s all I have for now. Just wanted to share a brief update and encourage all who are still on the journey of recovery to stay positive and proactive! All the best, Bode.

Yet Another Over 40 Basketball Casualty

I am another classic case of the over 40 guy who remembered the good old days when playing hoops was so much fun and just had to go back.  And it is fun!  I started playing again at the YMCA after 10 years and was having a blast, getting great exercise and enjoying the game.  On my second visit, about 1 hour into our full court play, I jumped hard to intercept a pass and came down on my left leg and felt the “kick in the back of the leg” like everyone else and I knew it was a goner.  The injury I always dreaded had occurred.  I hobbled to the car and drove myself to the nearest orthopedic clinic and waited for the doors to open. Within an hour I had seen a resident, an orthopedic doc and an orthopedic surgeon and had my surgery scheduled for two days later.  

The recovery had begun…