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12 weeks-Suffering with heel pain, any ideas?

Hello ATR World,  I’m now over 12 weeks into my recovery and all was progressing well when about 2 days ago I started getting this intense heel pain which seems to have come out of no where.  It’s worse when I straighten my leg out and dorsiflex, does not hurt if leg is bent, only when leg is straight or almost straight.  Also hurts when walking when landing heel first.  Is this because of 3-4 weeks of walking improperly with a limp–is this what I get for my gimpy walking?  Just when my calf and AT are feeling a bit better and I can almost walk with no limp a whole new source of pain arrives.  And this is not just a mild burning, this is shooting pain right in the bottom and back of my heel.  My next PT appt. is on Wed. so I will be asking him what the deal is but wanted to find out if anyone else in the ATR World has had this and do you have any remedies?  All help, suggestions, treatments are welcome.  Thanks, Bode

MBT Anti-shoes: Is anyone wearing these?

Hi ATRers, I’m over 10 weeks post op and looking for anything that will help me walk without limping and speed my recovery along.  A friend told me about these shoes and I’m just curious to learn if anyone else has heard of these shoes and is anyone wearing them.  Are they helpful in ATR recovery?  Any input you have is appreciated.  Thanks!

Exercising during weeks 3-6 of recovery

I’m just about at the 3 week mark post op and am feeling the need to start doing some exercising.  I’m wondering what others have done during the early phase of recovery.  If you have any ideas of what works well with a cast on, I’m all ears.  Also, how to strengthen the casted leg without doing damage to the recovering Achilles?

Here’s what I started with today.  

  • Rode my stationary bike for 10 min. doing one-legged pedaling clipped in while resting my bad leg on a bar stool.  Then did a few slow rotations with both legs (I have a cast on my left leg so able to turn pedals very slowly and it felt okay).
  • Did two sets of pushups using my Perfect Pupshups and resting my bad leg on the back of my good leg.  If you want to join my Pushups for Life blog check it out here: http://web.me.com/davidrandrews/PushupsForLife/Welcome.html
  • Did some sit-ups and a few sets on my V2 Hoist weight machine.  Not much but it felt better than doing nothing the past 3 weeks.