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Week 32-Jogged 2 miles, biked 26-working my way back to full AT strength

Today I reached 32 weeks post op so I am getting closer to the end of the marathon.  I went for a 2 mile jog this week and it went fine, no pain, AT felt good.  Today I biked 26 miles and have been doing that type of mileage for a few months.  All in all recovery is going well but I am not back to full strength just yet.  I can do a few one leg toe raisers but not nearly as well and my good leg.  The AT still gets  sore after long workouts or a long day on my feet so I can tell there is more work to do.  Early on it was hard to understand when people kept saying it will take a year to recover but I am seeing how true that is.  Even though I can do most of what I did before, it’s not with the same power and strength.  So I press on day by day as IowaJim likes to say!  He’s so right.  Just take is one day at a time and DO NOT give up on your recovery efforts as it’s all worth the effort.  We all have a whole lot of living left to do and repairing the AT is crucial to future years of enjoyment.  My kids and the expectation of grandkids sometime in the distant future keep me going.  I want to be active to enjoy them.  All the best to my fellow ATR Recovery Friends!!  Cheers, Bode.