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6-month Dr. Visit-Ho Hum, why did I bother?

My doc wanted me back for a 6 month checkup so I just show up for what I am not really sure.  After waiting for about 20 minutes the Dr. takes a look and says all looks good and I’m set free.  Wa la! That’s it, no party, no celebration, no dancing in the halls, no “you are amazing for making it this far,” nothing, nada, just a mere, “I guess you are set free.”  I mean come on people I have survived 6 whole months and I have paid you all thousands of dollars and that’s it?  Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m grateful for the excellent medical attention and glad to be recovered–it just seems like there should have been a bit more fan fare.  Well one thing I can truly be thankful for is that my injury occurred BEFORE the government takes over the healthcare system.  Yikes, that will be a scary day in America.  Let’s hope is doesn’t come to that.  Well, my ATR friends, thanks for all the great posts and comments–YOU all made a difference for me.  Seriously, this blog was a HUGE benefit in my overall recovery.  Keep up the faith, you will recover!