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Archive for June 28th, 2009

Back to Mt. biking-Week 21

I’m happy to report I am back out on my mountain bike and ripping up the singletrack.  Well, okay, not really ripping it up just yet, but definitely back to riding intermediate trails and climbing hills again.  I can handle most rocks, roots, turns, climbs etc. as before but have not even attempted any of the most difficult technical trails and no jumps or log piles just yet.  Mostly it’s great to be back riding and having fun on my bike.  I took my 9 year old son camping this weekend and we rode a 10 mile trail called Rock Lake Trail in northern Wisconsin.  We both were challenged by the terrain but finished well.  Then today we rode Lebanon Hills 6 mile intermediate loop and it felt great.  So if you are just starting out or a few weeks in, please be encouraged and know you CAN return to your favorite sports.  Lot’s of patience and lots of work will help you get there.  Keep going ATR friends!!