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14 weeks-finally walking without a limp!

Week 14–I really thought I would be a lot further along on the recovery by now but the sad reality is that my body is taking it’s own sweet time to heal.  I am somewhat encouraged today though as I was able to mow 1/4 of my lawn (1/2 acre total) pushing my self-propelled mower.  I decided that mowing is now part of my physical therapy so I’m going to mow a small chunk each day and maybe I will have a decent looking lawn this year–by the time  it’s done, I can just start mowing it again–like getting your hair cut so often no one ever realizes you got it cut!  I will also be taking walks with my dear wife who LOVES going for walks and I’m usually too  busy or just not interested in walking.  Well now I am interested in walking, basically it’s all I can do.  So walking it will be. Don’t worry, I’m still dreaming of doing all sorts of high intensity sports again some day!  Now I will walk.  

The other day I was walking to the train and I see it coming down the tracks and decide to make a “run” for it.  Well it was more like a speedy hobble, I made the train and it really did not hurt too much so maybe running is not that far away.  Oh the small victories on the long journey to full recovery.  My marathon tracker says I have completed 7 miles–still a long way to go.  I think I am learning to be more patient.  Can that be possible?  Am I actually more patient?  Am I more tolerant of others who move slowly through life? Am I more compassionate of those with disabilities?  I truly hope so–there has to be some benefit to this whole ordeal.  All the best to my fellow ATR survivors.  I hope your journey going well!