First Post!

June 15, 2015

Hello everyone. I had trouble getting the blog set up but I am here now and anxious to share all the details of my Achilles story. I am a 57 year old white male and I have been athletic my entire life. I live in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, and I am a partner in a small consulting firm. I played Football in high school, Rugby in college, and have been doing recreational distance running since college, mostly 10-mile and half-marathon distances with a couple of marathons thrown in. I am 5′10" tall and I have a heavy frame and while active and athletic I have struggled with my weight my whole life, from the high end of normal to the low end of overweight, but I have never stopped being very active both outdoors and in the gym, averaging 15-20 miles of running per week over the last 35 years or so. While I am progressing well now almost 4 weeks post-ATR surgery on my right Achilles tendon, I want to go back in time and give you the whole history of my tendinitis, treatments, Achilles tear and eventually my rupture and repair.