One Year Anniversary! May 2016

Today is May 14, 2016. I ruptured on May 10, 2015 and had surgery on May 20, 2015 so it is my one year anniversary. I went back to see the surgeon for a one year check about 2 weeks ago - everything looked fine to him.

So - one year later I have progressed to the point that I can pretty much do anything I could do before the rupture. I am jogging every day. I jog at 5 mph for about 30 minutes. Before the injury my daily run was at 6 mph, but I am still working out of the loss of endurance and gain of weight that came with my recovery over the past year. I plan to run the Army Ten Miler in Washington in the Fall and will continue training. My running training is basically completely normal. My ankle is not sore afterwards, I do just fine.

Daily activities are not affected at all by the ankle. It is sometimes a little bit stiff in the morning (the first thing I do is walk down stairs) but that goes away with my normal activity. I started doing one legged calf raises just about 2-3 weeks ago. It is still hard for me to get up on my toe using only the repaired ankle, but I can hold my body weight on the injured side without any problem. I continue to do calf raises and stretches in addition to my running.

My calves are totally symmetrical - no sign of the atrophy which was so pronounced just a couple of weeks after the injury. I have absolutely no fear of putting any strain or force on the repaired ankle.

It was a tough injury and I was so lucky to have great support from my family, flexibility at work, access to a great surgeon and physical therapists, and generally good health. The exercise and therapy are what have gotten me through this. I wish everyone the best of luck in dealing with their injuries - and I encourage you to read back in my blog if you want advice on any stage of your first year of recovery.

Peace out.

2 Responses to “One Year Anniversary! May 2016”

  1. That’s great, congrats and thanks for the update. It’s great reading success stories, and especially updates from far out where people are back to normal. It helps focus on the end goal!!

  2. Congrats, Bob. Thanks for turning me onto the Hoka’s - I am running in Clifton 1s now and my tendonitis has vanished.