My Achilles Repair Protocol Week 1-6 Post-Op

My Physical Therapist gave me a copy of my Post-Op protocol, which I am following now 4 1/2 weeks after surgery, and I thought I would post it for you.  I am glad I chose my surgeon, with an aggressive protocol.

  • 2 WEEKS Post-Op

Begin PT

Partial WB in boot with heel lift

No dorsiflexion past neutral

Edema control

Ankle AROM all directions

Ankle mobility/joint mobilizations

Foot intrinsic strengthening

Scar tissue mobilization, STM along gastroc/soleus complex

Quadricep/Hamstring/Hip strengthening and stretching

  • 2-4 Weeks Post-Op

Progress WB

Stationary bike in boot

Seated BAPS

Begin resisted plantarflexion (seated heel raises, theraband plantarflexion)

  • 4-6 Weeks Post-Op

Wean off crutches (2 crutches to 1 crutch to FWB)

Begin closed chain lower extremity strengthening in three planes of motion when FWB (Mini-squats, wall squats, leg press)

  • 6 Weeks Post-Op

Wean out of boot at home (with heel lift in shoe)

Progress to no boot over next two weeks

Ankle brace if prescribed by doctor

Single leg proprioceptive exercises

3 Responses to “My Achilles Repair Protocol Week 1-6 Post-Op”

  1. Hi Bob

    You’re correct, reasonably aggressive, which should be good for sound recovery. Boot is definitely earlier than many which seem to start weaning off at around weeks 7 or 8, and in shoes by 9.

    What about the angle of your foot, is it to change every 2 weeks or so? Static or with a range of movement, as in an adjustable hinged boot?

    Looking forward to hearing back.


    ps (sorry Bob) Norm, are you back, you old f***?

  2. Aggressive is right. Good luck, and listen to your body.

  3. ATRbuff - I am in an Aircast boot with two large lifts. I see the doc again at 6 weeks, I suspect they will come out then. The lifts make it uncomfortable to walk now that I am FWB, which is good in a way - keeps me from overdoing it.