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Just a quick update post my physio consult yesterday, I’m now walking with almost a normal gait abeilt slower than more normal quick steps.

Incision Scar looks brilliant, no lumps or bumps post the acupuncture I had to remove the last small bit of the scar tissue adhesion at top of my incision. Everything is moving freely now and looking pretty normal

By the end of my working day my ankle still has a little swelling but certainly not enough to be a bother. No pain or discomfort at all. I’m back in my regular work attire & shoes ( small wedges) so am really happy about that.

My new exercises using the resistance of the theraband are

planterflection & holding for 5 secs x10, inversion & eversion X 10 each way

double leg heel raises X 10 distributing weight evenly to both sides

walking on toes & heel raises in swimming pool daily

Using the medicine ball to roll from toe to heel, heel to toes, circles to left , circles to right Alternating all for 20 minutes when sitting.

To minimise redness on skin, use a soft nail brush or exfoliating glove and work up from toes to mid shin & keep repeating for about 30 secs before getting in the shower

All in all progress with rehab going really well at this stage


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I’m going to remember the bean bag vs pillows for elevation. I just went through healing a sprained foot and my foot kept sliding off the pillows. I can see how a bean bag footstool would have worked perfectly. I appreciate learning from your journey.

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