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10 Weeks post surgery

Two weeks back in shoes and doing really well all things considered. I have continued massaging the scar and releasing scar tissues adhesions. Must say that nearly all the tight lumpy areas beneath the scar have almost gone and the area is feeling very free and almost normal again. I’m continuing with all the plantiflexion & dorsiflection exercises along with the circles to left & right and working with the yellow theraband.  My planterflection is now the same as my good foot, so toes pointed down are looking great, the dorsiflex is still not much past neutral so working on that. I have very little limp and consciously think about wwalking correctly, that is heel roll through to toes and it is working well.

Have to mention I am using a 2kg medicine ball, you can buy them in the sports section of variety stores or sports shops and what a difference it has made. They are like a soft bean bag surrounded by soft rubber and very pliable. About twice the size of a  base ball.  When sitting I roll my foot over it firmly, toes to heel, heel to toes, backward & forward about 20 times, it really soothes and massages your underfoot and helps your toes to get a grip, gently.  Then I do foot circles over the ball 20 to the left & 20 to the right. Seriously it is soothing, it really helps with ROM and it makes my ankle, toes, heel and underfoot feel so relaxed and free.  Then I follow with massaging out any swelling and stretching the scar tissue with oil & massage.  Cannot believe how well this has worked, I saw my medicine ball in the cupboard, I used to use it at my Pilates classes, had an epithany and thought that just might be the thing I need to work with my foot.

So happy with the result and how much better it makes my foot feel, it’s gentle, relaxing and easy to do while sitting.

Whatever stage of recovery you are at, take heart, things do continually improve

there is light at the end if the tunnel, stay focused & patient & keep your mind positive. Cheers Robyn

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8 weeks post surgery
I attended my 8 weekly appt with surgeon and am happy to say he was so pleased with
progress that he said I could go back to two shoes & start physio rehab as soon as possible.
Impressed that I don’t get over confident, just continue with exercises, no running, jumping,
squatting or picking up heavy things that would strain lower leg and ankle. Must be very careful on inclines and going up hill just avoid for a few more weeks. Extra careful on stairs using rails and putting flat foot down not toes or heel & this stage.
Can do exercises in pool or spa, avoid uneven surfaces until more rehab and strength improves. Massage & stretch scar tissue important
No wedges however best to get inserts for flat shoes, small heels fine but keep away from high heels altogether. All very logical really.
Walking with mild limp due to a little stiffness but otherwise not too bad.
Very happy to be out of boot as we are in the Middle of heat wave here in Adelaide, hopefully you are safe in Sydney. No doubt I will probably boot it when outside for a bit longer just to be safe
but have to say, pretty happy.

Hope all are progressing well, inch by inch it keeps getting better