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Had my post op visit yesterday to have stiches removed and new protocol for the next 6 weeks. Was fitted with a ROM Airwalker hinged. Was told all looking very good, very little swelling and the wound looking great. I can ditch my crutches whenever I’m comfortable with that, use boot when on my feet & walking, boot can come off at night or while resting up, but other wise on. In week 7 post op I can practice walking in the home with no boot prior to my 8 week check up and discussion regarding Physio Therapy and booking appointments. In the meantime I have a few gentle exercises small ankle circles, writing the alphabet gentle with foot. I can shower without boot but must sit on chair for safety. All feeling really good at this stage, no pain but I’m having issues ditching the crutches, don’t seem to be master a walking technique with boot on. Bad leg is fine, good leg just seems to hop through rather than walk. Any suggestions for mastering walking with the boot would be greatly appreciated as I just don’t get it as yet. Did anyone else have issues getting the walking with boot down pat or is it just me.
Wishing you all safe & progressive healing. Keep your sense of humour as we’re all on a bit of a journey here
Take care