Here’s my story so far, early days yet
I stepped from a landing onto a step below which collapsed with my foot/ heal going through it.
Landing heavily with full weight onto my right heal. Trauma injury to foot with fully ruptured Achilles’ tendon
10/10/2015 Injury
10/12/2015 UltraSound Confirmed acute complete rupture 4 cm
10/14/2015 Appt with first Surgeon who said very little didn’t explain options but recommended conservative and had nurse fit a Cam Boot with two wedges
10/17/2015 Appt with Physio who recommended second opinion
10/20/2015 Appt with second Surgeon who fully explained injury, all options and what pros & cons of each, recommended surgery given I work full time, very busy & active and crutches would be gone much quicker
10/21/2015 Right Achilles Tendon Reconstruction surgery, foot secured in Cam Walker, block should last 15-24 hours, pain killers prescribed, Boot on 24/7 until post op appt,above heart elevation as much as possible first 48 hours, rest, then elevate each night or as required.
11/05/2015 Post Op appt when stitches are removed and hinged boot fitted & next part of recovery explained
Was told given new technique I could weight bear as pain allows post the first week of surgery

Now 7 days post op, only needed pain meds the night the block wore off, have been feeling pretty good so far and feel very confident changing Ortho Surgeon was a very good idea.

Any advise or information is so welcome, thanking you in advance

Work in progress, wishing all a very successful healing. Love this blog, have found it very interesting & reassuring. Thank You

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