20 weeks post-op/Doc appt.

Well, twenty weeks since surgery and saw the doc this morning.  I went a month prior  and thought I was on the fast-track until the assistant asked me to do one-legged heel raises.  Oops, hadn’t worked on them and couldn’t do one.  All prepared to give a good 3-4 this morning and was not asked [...]

18 wk post-op

This week marks 18 weeks since surgery.  I thought I would graduate therapy a week ago, but since my one legged heel raises are still pretty poor (3-4) they continued me for another 4 weeks- once a week  I jogged a 13 minute mile (SLOW…) a week and a half ago and it went ok.  [...]

7 wks post-op update

7 weeks have past since surgery and had my first therapy session yesterday.  They have me scheduled for 3 therapy sessions a week for the month of July, and seeing the doc again on Aug. 4th.  Therapy felt great- after being shown the exercises, doing them, and being hooked to stimulator for ten minutes, I [...]

Just out of my cast :)

Hey everyone.  Ruptured mine May 5th and had surgery on May 12th.  Was in a cast until June 23rd and man it feels good to be out of that thing.  Consider myself very athletic and miss running.  Trying to begin stretching this thing, but man, it’s tight!!!  So, out of my cast Thursday, any input [...]

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