20 weeks post-op/Doc appt.

Well, twenty weeks since surgery and saw the doc this morning.  I went a month prior  and thought I was on the fast-track until the assistant asked me to do one-legged heel raises.  Oops, hadn’t worked on them and couldn’t do one.  All prepared to give a good 3-4 this morning and was not asked by the doc to do them- thankfully.  Doc asked if things were going well and wished me luck- said the heel raises would come with time and strength generally takes a year to rebuild.

I have been bicycling and trying to jog a mile every other day.  The days after are rough with my ankle feeling like a two week old sprain and stiff- I need to be sure to stretch morning and night to keep it feeling loose.  I thought I was doing pretty good until  viewed univofpittbull’s video of him running/jogging at 18 weeks.  Tells me I need to step it up and get this recovery going…

The thing that worries me is my good achilles now feels a bit worn out and weak since my activities have lessened over the last five months.  Let’s just hope the "good one" doesn’t decide to go out on me, or I’ll be doing this all over again  :(

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  1. univofpittbull looks awesome, but don’t let that be a reason to get down on yourself. Sounds like you’re doing pretty good yourself… Everyone heals at their own pace, and you’ll get there too.

  2. I’m with you! I am about the same in weeks - about 20. I can walk pretty well, but very stiff and sore in the morning and pretty done by evening. My ‘good’ tendon hurts more than my bad one at times and it really worries me. I have not tired to run yet - I am too scared. I plan to see my Doc soon for a follow up and see what he says. Good luck and don’t push too hard. There are enough re-rupture stories out there to keep me cautious!

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