18 wk post-op

This week marks 18 weeks since surgery.  I thought I would graduate therapy a week ago, but since my one legged heel raises are still pretty poor (3-4) they continued me for another 4 weeks- once a week  I jogged a 13 minute mile (SLOW…) a week and a half ago and it went ok.  Pretty sore for a day or two afterwards.  Everyone tells you not to push things, but this cooler weather in the evening has me wanting to grab the Ipod and get back to running.  I don’t see much harm as long as I get a good warm-up and remember to stretch really well afterwards, right?  Feels pretty good when a one-legged heel raise is the only "apparent" kryptonite to this wanna-be Superman…  Continue heeling everyone, I think I just talked myself into pushing it a touch tonight and trying to run again.

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  1. Watch out for kryptonite kerbs ;)

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