Just out of my cast :)

Hey everyone.  Ruptured mine May 5th and had surgery on May 12th.  Was in a cast until June 23rd and man it feels good to be out of that thing.  Consider myself very athletic and miss running.  Trying to begin stretching this thing, but man, it’s tight!!!  So, out of my cast Thursday, any input when I can realistically think I will ditch the boot, walk normal, and possibly be able to jog?

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  1. Man they made you stay in the cast quite a long time! Have you started walking yet without crutches? I have been walking in my boot for almost a week, start PT in about a week, and hope to be out of my boot in about 3-4 weeks. I am 4 wks and 4 days post op so that will put me at about 8 weeks when I hope to ditch boot. I have heard people doing light jogging at around the 12 week mark at the earliest.

  2. When they took my cast off Thursday, Doc told me to try to begin putting weight on it- if I could. No pain walking in the boot. Walked out of the Doc’s office and threw the crutches in the back of the truck- hope they rot back there!!! I was shocked- my incision is side to side, not up and down like I expected.

  3. yea I put my crutches in storage closet, hope to never use them again!! You start PT yet?

  4. Next Thursday- not looking forward to it. I have been at work all day today and haven’t put the boot on yet. I’m at the office sitting down so I’m trying to stretch the “naked” ankle as much as I can. I’d like to loosen it up as much as I can before therapy- gonna hurt…

  5. Glad you’re out of your cast, I spent 6 weeks in casts and I am now 4 weeks in an air cast boot, walking pretty much without a crutch. I think I have another 3 weeks in it. Like my physio said be patient, a few weeks in this will be better in the long run. I started doing single leg heel raises at 10 weeks (taking some weight in my arms) my leg feels good, but it’s getting the strength in all the muscles and tendons as well now. hang in there. there seems to be some many different time periods for different people. Just don’t do too much too soon.

    Good luck with it all.



  6. I appreciate it- good look finding out about your F^$K mishap, hopefully you just stretched it real good and there’s no damage. Take care-

  7. It definitely depends on your doctor. I went into the boot at 10 days post-op (May 6) and was fully weight bearing on it a week later. But here I am 8 weeks post-op, and there’s been no mention of when I can get out of this thing. My PT thinks my surgeon takes most of his patients out at about 12 weeks, I’m hoping for sooner. Now that you’re out though, you can start with some very gentle ROM exercises (circles, flexing and pointing, writing the alphabet with your toe etc). Just helps to get things moving again, and feels pretty great.

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