20 weeks post-op/Doc appt.

Well, twenty weeks since surgery and saw the doc this morning.  I went a month prior  and thought I was on the fast-track until the assistant asked me to do one-legged heel raises.  Oops, hadn’t worked on them and couldn’t do one.  All prepared to give a good 3-4 this morning and was not asked by the doc to do them- thankfully.  Doc asked if things were going well and wished me luck- said the heel raises would come with time and strength generally takes a year to rebuild.

I have been bicycling and trying to jog a mile every other day.  The days after are rough with my ankle feeling like a two week old sprain and stiff- I need to be sure to stretch morning and night to keep it feeling loose.  I thought I was doing pretty good until  viewed univofpittbull’s video of him running/jogging at 18 weeks.  Tells me I need to step it up and get this recovery going…

The thing that worries me is my good achilles now feels a bit worn out and weak since my activities have lessened over the last five months.  Let’s just hope the "good one" doesn’t decide to go out on me, or I’ll be doing this all over again  :(

18 wk post-op

This week marks 18 weeks since surgery.  I thought I would graduate therapy a week ago, but since my one legged heel raises are still pretty poor (3-4) they continued me for another 4 weeks- once a week  I jogged a 13 minute mile (SLOW…) a week and a half ago and it went ok.  Pretty sore for a day or two afterwards.  Everyone tells you not to push things, but this cooler weather in the evening has me wanting to grab the Ipod and get back to running.  I don’t see much harm as long as I get a good warm-up and remember to stretch really well afterwards, right?  Feels pretty good when a one-legged heel raise is the only "apparent" kryptonite to this wanna-be Superman…  Continue heeling everyone, I think I just talked myself into pushing it a touch tonight and trying to run again.

7 wks post-op update

7 weeks have past since surgery and had my first therapy session yesterday.  They have me scheduled for 3 therapy sessions a week for the month of July, and seeing the doc again on Aug. 4th.  Therapy felt great- after being shown the exercises, doing them, and being hooked to stimulator for ten minutes, I could smoothly rotate the ankle and had a good range of motion.  I guess the crazy ice bags over my hard cast and elevation to end my days helped out.  Thought they were crazy asking me to place ice bags over and under a cast- "how can it help", but something worked and has me way ahead of schedule.  I’m hoping to jog at the 3-month mark, have thirty-six days…  Stay positive everyone-  your rehab time will fly by and you’ll be back before you know it!!!

Just out of my cast :)

Hey everyone.  Ruptured mine May 5th and had surgery on May 12th.  Was in a cast until June 23rd and man it feels good to be out of that thing.  Consider myself very athletic and miss running.  Trying to begin stretching this thing, but man, it’s tight!!!  So, out of my cast Thursday, any input when I can realistically think I will ditch the boot, walk normal, and possibly be able to jog?

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