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Hello everyone,

I ruptured my achilies tendon last Saturday whilst doing the highland fling (I was trying to be funny) Wow did that hurt.

So a bit of background. I have been under physio for last 8 months due to hip bursitis in both hips.  About 6 weeks ago I had one hip injected which worked but then sent my back into spasm for another three weeks.  The night I heard that fateful sound was my parents 50 golden wedding anniversary and my back was feeling much better.  I had just finished a speech to my parents all about me!! Which was received well and raised a few laughs I ended by saying to all the guest I will end there as I could go on but it is not all about me…… 20 mins later I was being carried out of the venue!!!!!

So I wore high heels for the first time in a while due to back, slipped them off and got on the dance floor and done one up and down of highland fling and stumbled as I thought someone had kicked me in my left calf.

I had also been on antibiotics and had cortisone injection, and I have hyper mobile joints which may or may not have impacted on me rupturing my tendon

my next entry will be what happened next in my shock and treatment

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