Wow my cast is off after 8 weeks my calf is solid!

Hello, today I had my cast off and had my first physio session. I was actually walking……

I am now trying to put full weight through foot but only with two heel inserts and crutches for the next four weeks.  I have stretching exercises and am back at physio in two weeks.

I have a question for the forum.  The blogs I have read say how the injured leg is really withered when cast comes off but my leg appears to be bigger and my calf is solid.  My good leg has lost a lot of muscle and is floppy, has anyone else experienced this?

Today is a really good day, really does feel like I am now on the road to recovery.

I did blush when the cast came off as I had just had a spray tan the day before injury and my leg was extremely brown and I never knew my body could produce so much hair!!! Yuk x

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Life at 6 weeks but could the other heel be about to rupture?

Hi all,

well somehow I have made it to 6 weeks, oh joy!!!!

i still have my cast on, but part  of the front has been cut to allow movement and I have a heel on the cast so I can put some weight through it.

so in the last 6 wweeks

i have cried, felt sorry for myself and learned not to be busy!!

laughed at my situation

I have learned to go up and down stairs with crutches my uncle died, and I attended funeral, my son cut hand open and had to attend hospital, my mum fell over And cracked a rib, my son then got an infection in cut, son then Got in a bit of teenage trouble with his non ability to keep quiet with people with authority, dog got an eye infection and my husband has just about lost the will the live due to the amount of visitors we have daily.

I also have a flask and a rucksack to keep myself a bit Independent

i never knew how useful bras and pants could be!!!  The things I am able to carry in these two items is amazing

I have lost about 14 lbs - amazing how good your willpower is when you can’t get to the fridge or crisp draw and you have so many visitors you can’t eat.

Visitors. I am so lucky to have so many people keep coming to see me

i have Been working from home on laptop and have had conference calls to keep me in the loop.

i have a mum who comes in every day although she did slow down after she cracked her rib!!!

I remain positive, two more weeks on plaster and then it’s cut off but not sure of next steps…….

i am actually lying on my bed today and don’t intend to move today, as my good foot is in terrible pain in my achillies, to the point I can’t touch it and getting shooting pains up my calf, so have taped up. Got ibruphen and am resting.

anyone know of anyone who ruptured good foot while recoverig from initial rupture I am scared……….

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Back in the plaster room today

Hi all had my two week appointment today in the plaster room at hospital.  They put a metal heel on my cast and some more plaster making it seven heavier!!!

They said I should be able to put weight through this but not sure how yet.  I am able to walk without hopping on crutches and I ws able to get in shower with seat and put my foot down which was a treat.

I am back in another two weeks when they will cut open the front of my cast but that is all I know and I can’t imagine how cutting open the front how the rest won’t fall off???

i feel very uninformed and a bit lost as on all the blogs I have not heard of this approach, so if I am not alone I would love to hear from you.

i am in Suffolk in England under the NHs non operative

any thoughts?????

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Week 2 let me describe my pain

Hi all I am in my second week and still struggling with pain in calf.

I know I should probably ring my doctor but the minute I say I have calf pain I presume he will have to do something.  From reading your comments some people say they had a lot of pain in the first 2 weeks.

so let me describe my pain

i have a really sore calf to touch or to rest on pillow whe.n elevating, have to turn leg to side.

When I get up using  crutches and sit in toilet it starts to get really intense in my calf and lower down when I get back in bed it takes Bout 15 mins for the intense pain to stop and can sometimes radiate up into my thigh.  The pain really is bad at that point.  Could this be a cramp?

So anyone have the same pain as me????

Would love to hear what other people where feeling at week 2


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Iwalk arrived today

Ok so I am still In Very early days of recovery. Last  week I was In So much pain with crutches and calf pain when getting up that I ordered an iwalk 2.0 .

it arrived today and was really excited

only tried for about 5 mins but think I may be rushing things as bending leg to 90 degrees caused calf pain but I think it is because my leg is still so swollen, will try again in a couple of days, as I really want to get some independence but also need to be stable and safe ….

will let you know how it goes

ordered from Jeremy at bear limited and got excellent service

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to all that responded yesterday just knowing that the pain is normal has made me feel so much better.

Still in shock to be honest.

for clarification I am in England’s being treated by NHs.  I was born in Scotland which is why when i hear Scottish music I feel it is my job to show everyone my Scottish heritage by getting on the dance floor and doing my version of the highland fling..  Now I will need to find another way to show my roots!!!!!

I had my first bad nights sleep woke up several times throughout the night.

Today I had pins and needles u dear earth my toes, still have really I tense calf pain when I stand up Takes about 15 mins for the pain to go when I put my leg back up.

Can’t elevate my leg straight as this causes calf pain need to turn plaster to the side is this normal?

I had thought once a cast went on all pain went …….. But NO

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Week 1 and still in shock

So arrived at accident and emergency in my little black dress, minus my lovely new heels!!!

Was in terrible pain especially when they put the leg of my wheelchair up to support my left leg.

dr examined me and thought it was either an achillies rupture or the large calf muscle as I had severe pain in my calf all the way down to my ankle, I think where is snapped it was fairly high up as the pain was not in my ankle.

after doing the Thompson test he felt sure it was my Achilles put me in temporary cast to return to the fracture clinic two days later. once the cast went on I felt a little better.

saw consultant who then confirmed full rupture and put me in cast for 8 weeks. WHAT. This can’t be happening I had so many good exciting  things booked in over the next month, and involved in some urgent projects at work!!!! And I don’t like resting I am busy busy busy …… But not now!!!

Soooo I feel like my pain is getting worse.  Is that normal?  I have not left my bedroom for 5 days, unable to get up and down stairs, pulled muscles under arm and really I tense pain when leg is down.

I get really bad calf pain when I get up and my toes go a little  purple

As a new member will you share you week 1 pain with me so I can see if what I am feeling is normal


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The reason I joined the community

Hello everyone,

I ruptured my achilies tendon last Saturday whilst doing the highland fling (I was trying to be funny) Wow did that hurt.

So a bit of background. I have been under physio for last 8 months due to hip bursitis in both hips.  About 6 weeks ago I had one hip injected which worked but then sent my back into spasm for another three weeks.  The night I heard that fateful sound was my parents 50 golden wedding anniversary and my back was feeling much better.  I had just finished a speech to my parents all about me!! Which was received well and raised a few laughs I ended by saying to all the guest I will end there as I could go on but it is not all about me…… 20 mins later I was being carried out of the venue!!!!!

So I wore high heels for the first time in a while due to back, slipped them off and got on the dance floor and done one up and down of highland fling and stumbled as I thought someone had kicked me in my left calf.

I had also been on antibiotics and had cortisone injection, and I have hyper mobile joints which may or may not have impacted on me rupturing my tendon

my next entry will be what happened next in my shock and treatment


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