1 complete 8 more to go!

The surefire way to run the NYC Marathon is: this way

I ran the American Heart Association Wall St. Run today, and it was a perfect day to run. It was cool, sunny, and dry. Since this race is a marathon qualifier, I have 8 more races to run this year so that I can be guaranteed entry into the 2010 marathon.

I am a little bit out of shape, so 3 miles run was just long enough. I’ve been playing basketball regularly, but I haven’t been running very much. So my wind definitely isn’t there.

My recovering Achilles felt fine, but I think I strained my right Achilles just a little bit a couple of weeks ago during a basketball game. But it didn’t bother my 3 mile run though, so I think it’s fine.

It was good to be out there.

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  1. Go Super Dennis…!!! Keep a watchful eye on that other achilles.


  2. Dennis: Congrats on your qualifying run. Will be looking forward to seeing your NYC marathon time posted in 2010. Great to hear that all of your running so far is not causing any problems on your ruptured side. Take care of the other side though you are running all of this for a lot of us.


  3. Congratulations on running again! I am volunteering this weekend at an ultra….hopefully won’t be too depressing watching others race!

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  4. Just an update. I’ve also applied for this year’s NYC Marathon lottery. If I get lucky, I’ll get to run this year! You can apply for the marathon lottery here: https://webapps.ingnycmarathon.org/marathonregistration/

    Deadline is June 1st!

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