Sudden Angst.

October 12, 2008 |  Tagged |

Happily eating, breaking the last piece of crusty bread, sipping the end of my creamy espresso and finishing off a to-do list for the remainder of the day, I scribble in the tip, head toward the exit and leave. The lot was pretty empty, 3.15: in the afternoon and the lunch-crowd had long disappeared. It was the middle of a humid, windless, deplorable Floridian summer, my doctor had me on a course of pills designed to stamp out toe-fungus and the effect was just starting to come into play. Before leaving my home, I thought, wow, my toe’s are actually beginning to look half human. With my new found pride I ventured out on this sultry day game enough to wear nothing on my feet but a pair of old trusty thongs. With two big feet, naked and breezed I headed out. The car was parked about 200 feet from the cafe, I picked up the pace a little because my list was quite long and the late hours were hovering low. I really wanted to complete every chore today, for tomorrow, I had plans to clean out the overstuffed storage room. Reaching the end of fifty feet I broke into a slight canter, occasionally I will do this as a way of fooling myself that I exercise, I get puffed out, and that’s my measurement of a daily required FDA approved aerobic workout! Today, scorching air prompted me to go out on a limb and perhaps if I broke into a short sprint I’d be able to crank the AC to 64 before the sweat has time to soak the back of my shirt. One giant leap, then another, whew … whew … oh boy, I’m almost at the car.
CRACK …SNAP …POP …DROP … Mangled and torn on the ground, confused, ashen-faced, whirling in pain I scan the entire car park searching for the perpetrator. I ask myself over and over, “What just happened?” I don’t see a soul, was I shot, sliced or tasered? Discombobulated, convinced my right foot has been completely severed from my leg I become transfixed on my ankle, scrutinizing every inch, every bone, vein, big-toe, little-toe. Out of breath, I stretch my arm in order to remove my bloodied and twisted thong. I stop for a moment and wonder to what extent I’ve done damage … a few people gather around and offer their help as I helplessly glaze off into the distance and wallow in sorrow over my inclination to start a course of fungus pills.

To Be Continued:


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  1. Smish on October 13, 2008 5:51 am

    slowdown2727: You are an amazing writer!!!!! Reading your post I completely felt like I was there. Awesome! I look forward to the next installment of the story. I am seriously sitting here going, What????? to be continued why??? Did he have surgery??? Did he get all of his chores done??? What about his storage closet??? I hope someone came and cleaned it for him.

  2. annieh on October 13, 2008 12:30 pm

    I am so so sorry….. but…I couldn’t stop laughing at your post…..!!! it brought back happy memories of my friend Jeannie (sadly deceased) and your story would have been exactly as she would have told it, so it was read with sadness as well as laughter that I followed your story. I am already looking forward already to your next update….

    You will find this a great community during the coming weeks.

    Good luck

  3. Sanfrantourguide on October 15, 2008 8:08 pm

    Did you take Lamisil? I took it for about 4 months a year before my ATR last June. Maybe there IS a connection!!! Worth investigating!


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