I did not post at 1 year post ATR and surgery. This was about 2 weeks ago. Things were amazing with Achilles. Was back to touch football league.  No swelling or pain after hard played games by end

Today was first very hot day and I was walking (including a few steep hills) much of the day with plenty of rest between in good running shoes. At end of day I happened to notice swelling all around one ankle and up achilles area to just below calf muscle. Only on ATR side and not into foot or toes. I don’t have any history of swelling without injury in that area. Not warm to touch or red. I googled ankle edema, although my swelling is obvious, it is nothing as bad as most google images.

I have had ankle ligament issues but always pain associated and in that case and swelling is not really up leg or at achilles. No pain in ankle or achilles and swelling after a great recovery just on one side has me puzzled.

(Now one day later swelling around ankle has decreased but behind ankle at Achilles remains).

Anyone have similar experiences at this stage (1 year or more post ATR)? Any ideas what might cause this? I was loving my new stitched Achilles. Am I still rehabbing?

4 Responses to “1 year post ATR sudden swelling, no pain.”

  1. normofthenorth Says:

    I’ve got nothing. Sure, you’re still rebuilding and strengthening at 1 year, but this is new to me.

  2. vegasjoey Says:

    Are you sure you didn’t injure yourself somehow?

  3. davidk Says:

    You did mention it was very hot. There is such a thing called “heat edema”, which is water-retention swelling–usually in the extremities. Just speculating, but perhaps your still-recovering Achilles tendon is more prone to this. If it doesn’t go away by tomorrow, I’d check-in with your doctor–and let us know what you find out. -David

  4. bionic Says:

    Thanks for comments. I’ve pretty much figured it out. I was wearing a knee brace (same leg) for a few days and walking quite a bit the day of swelling. When no knee brace, no swelling at achilles/ankle.

    I googled this and sure enough many many people wearing a knee brace had experienced lower leg/ankle swelling.

    By the way this blog has been the place where I debrief…so I had mentioned in past some knee discomfort and slightly complicating achilles rehab.

    I had an MRI a couple of weeks ago. This is from from my knee complaint over a year ago and just weeks prior to ATR.

    Turns out I’ve had torn cartilage all along (again after surgery 20 years ago for same). Doc basically said a year ago “stretch” knee pain will disappear. I insisted that something was wrong within knee. So on waiting list for MRI of knee and a few weeks later I had ATR. So knee gets a good 6 month rest with ATR surgery, rehab. Then knee gets 6 months more sports pounding on docs reassurance all was fine. Then a couple of weeks ago MRI shows cartilage torn with piece lodged somewhere in joint. Explains why I almost can’t walk for a day or two after each game.

    Will likely be scoping knee. Going to consult. Wondering how much cartilage is left. Extreme golf, extreme swimming, extreme biking here I come.

    Here’s the ironic conclusion. Having had both scope of knee and ATR surgery, I’m almost giddy about going in for knee scope. Child’s play.

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