I use to jog at young age but had medial meniscus scoped out in early 20s so stopped running. But never stopped pounding away with many other sports. I’ve only known one speed in my sports and that’s all out. ATR mid June 2013. Now back to playing touch football hard and hockey. Some ankle issues and knee issues (had them pre ATR) after each outing, but the bright side is Achilles lets me push hard enough to have those issues.

Long ways to go in building calf up and still room for some leg muscle and getting weight a few pounds down to pre-surgeryweight but despite all that sprinting past young kids again!!

Not sure how long I have left with this in mid 40s but thrilled. I recall reading and hearing about the devastation of achilles injury. Recall the slow slow slow recovery. Loving this now while it lasts!! Stay positive and take it in stride.

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  1. davidk Says:

    For someone just (now almost) 7 weeks in to this ATR odyssey, it’s great to hear these success stories! I’m with you on the speed thing, too. I keep wondering if I’ll ever get back to that, either because of physical loss or fear of re-rupture holding me back. Thanks for posting and supplying a dose of encouragement to others! -David

  2. kellygirl Says:

    Congrats, Bionic! Sounds like you are doing extremely well and at less than a year too! Well done. I hear you on the calf muscle but it doesn’t seem to be holding you back. Great post!

  3. normofthenorth Says:

    You think YOU’re wondering how long you have left to play sports flat out — I just turned 69, and I’m still at it, much of it with folks younger than you! One day at a time.
    It’s amazing how non-ATR pains cheer some of us up, including you and me! Unfortunately, for me it sometimes seems like the vulnerable parts are popping up faster than I can cure them! My “trick” knee has responded pretty well (though slowly) to a long regime of quad and calf/AT stretching, but I just survived a week or two with a pinched sciatic nerve, a new probleml, and not a very nice one. Fortunately, it seems to have calmed down to “almost gone”, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to just ignore it. . .
    Hoping NOT to have to start “acting my age”!

  4. goldman Says:

    @Norm - have you had your pinched sciatic nerve diagnosed yet? I have a slipped disc in my back, which pinches the nerve (at least I think it pinches that nerve). Anyway, some very simple stretches and basic yoga go a LOOONG way to solving that. Youtube for slipped disc stretches and you will see what I mean. So really no point in even considering to act your age, at least not for a couple more decades ;-)

  5. Maddie Says:

    This was a great find for someone who is looking into having regular health check ups - I want to make sure that I stay as fit and healthy as possible,

  6. normofthenorth Says:

    No, Jon, no checkup for the sciatic yet. Not ’til it acts up again. Later this week I’ll be hanging out the side of a 15′ dinghy for a race, then full-on sailing and racing season… So if it stays OK I’ll let it be.
    No yoga here, but I do some lower back stretches sometimes. I did a few more (from the Web) when the sciatic hurt - though one sciatica sufferer I chatted with suggested that those twisty stretches are just what we should both AVOID!
    I don’t have enough time to get all my ailments treated! Besides, have you seen the latest studies on backaches?!? AMAZING! Like e.g., backache patients who see their MRIs do WORSE than those who don’t!! And most people who’ve NEVER had a backache have serious problems discovered when they’re (randomly) sent for a spinal MRI! WAY weirder than ATRs, even!

  7. bionic Says:

    Norm, just because you’re Norm doesn’t mean you’re the norm. You’re from another planet. You give me hope, as I’m trying to prepare psychologically for ping pong and golf as my sports if necessary. I can always dive in ping pong for athleticism as long as it’s the last shot of the day and there is speed golf. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGz-uzGaJgA except I’d do it with a racing golf cart.

  8. bionic Says:


    It seems like yesterday I was wondering. My progress seemed to good at the very start only to be slowed down by ‘non-existent’ medical system/support. Lifestyle change and slow progress leaves too much room for doubts. It was only a 2-3 months that I was really doing anything but things started moving fast. After running at fairly decent clip, I went to physio/massage and did various exercises to stretch/open up hips. Crutches, limp can really do a number on musculature. Try youtube “open hips”. I found the exercises almost immediately helpful to get sprint and stride up another notch. Interestingly at a slow jog pace, I still have a bit of uneven stride (bare limp) at times. I’m optimistic about that as it means I have room to improve muscle, balance. flexibility etc. even further.

  9. Ole Says:

    “Not sure how long I have left with this in mid 40s but thrilled.”

    Totally agree… I’m almost 8 years post-surgery and still playing sports at age 45.

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