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Hi all…found this site while searching for anyone w/ story similar to mine. Hoping for advice? suggestions?
Original injury date of late Aug ‘10. Work related (I’m in construction). Pain felt like it was in my heel not tendon so self-administered RICE for 2 wks. Heel pain went away but experienced “hot poke” in tendon. GP diagnosed tendonitis and told me to rest. I borrowed aircast from a friend because of pain while wearing shoes and rested. (no work, limited walking).
Pain worsened went to ortho dr who told me aircast was doing me no good and diagnosed ruptured bursa. Left office wearing gym shoes and a bad attitude. Very next next felt hot “swiping” pain in OTHER tendon! Called office nurse told me needed more rest so I went to bed and didn’t get up except to crawl to bathroom for 12 days!! Bought another aircast so walked around in 2 boots resting, limiting all activity. Tried going to shoes with help of ankle wraps etc but each time ended up in serious pain. Back to ortho dr who admitted he had no idea what was going on and referred me to one of his partners. He diagnosed tendonopathy based on my age (44) and history of weightlifting and physical work. Prescribed PT 2X’s week. I have not had an MRI (all 3 drs said no need) I am still walking in 2 aircasts although now not as well as I could before starting therapy last week. Have microtears at best so can’t convince dr that surgery is the answer. No mention of casting either. I’m in 13th wk with right tendon and 6th week with left. Can’t help but wonder how far down recovery road I would be if I DID have surgery!!! Feel frustrated, angry.
Any thoughts or advice appreciated!!!

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