Making Progress

Got the cast removed on Thursday.  Dr says things look great and that since my foot is already at the angle the he wants that I can do the first month of PT at home since it will just be some light stretching.  I’ll be in boot for up to 4 months.  Good news is [...]

First Post Op Visit

Got the first look at the cut.  Doctor wasn’t kidding about having to slice me more than he normally does to get at scar tissue.  Cut is about 7 inches long.  Good thing my wife digs scars.  Wound is healing well and staples were taken out.  Then the bad news…got the cast instead of boot.  [...]

Off the Couch

On Wedneday (8 days after surgery) I was able to go into work.  Most of the morning was a customer meeting and the afternoon relaxed as well.  I’ve turned my office into a bit of a lounge using my guest chairs as chair and leg rest rather than my desk.  This way I can still [...]

Dumb Marine

The Marines taught me a lot when I was young but apparantly knowing when you are hurt itn’t one of them.
On the day of Christmas Eve, my family and I were enjoying one of the last couple of days on a great western carribean cruise.  My kids and I were participating in an Amazing Race [...]