First Post Op Visit

Got the first look at the cut.  Doctor wasn’t kidding about having to slice me more than he normally does to get at scar tissue.  Cut is about 7 inches long.  Good thing my wife digs scars.  Wound is healing well and staples were taken out.  Then the bad news…got the cast instead of boot.  Doc tried to do reading on rehab protocol for 2- month-old injuries and largest sample was about 5 cases.  He is looking to be conservative, knowing that I will push myself to get back to active too fast.

Wasn’t happy Monday night but Tuesday morning when I tripped on dog bone in living room, he was my hero.  Cast took the brunt of fall and although ankle was sore, no pressure on injury.

Cast was able to set foot at 90 degrees so off to a decent start but now 4 weeks before next chance at boot.  Learning to enjoy little things like trip to grocery store and rides from friends at work.

2 Responses to “First Post Op Visit”

  1. Looking forward to you posting a pic of that scar when you get the cast off. If you are set at 90, that is great. It took two casts to get my foot to 90 so you are already ahead. Can’t get the doc to go for the boot at 4 weeks total? We all have different time lines and you are on your way now. I think my hardest days mentally were getting used to moving around with the cast and doing day to day stuff. Just rest and elevate as much as possible. If you keep the swelling down that will pay off in the end. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. great news on the 90 degrees! besides being able to take the boot off to do basic ROM with your ankle, there shouldn’t be much difference between the cast and boot for the next couple of weeks anyway. just try to enjoy the downtime and keep reminding yourself that you’ll be back on your feet in time for summer…

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