Off the Couch

On Wedneday (8 days after surgery) I was able to go into work.  Most of the morning was a customer meeting and the afternoon relaxed as well.  I’ve turned my office into a bit of a lounge using my guest chairs as chair and leg rest rather than my desk.  This way I can still relax while on the computer or phone.

Officemates like that they can hear the creak of my crutches long before I get to their desks.

Felt good to get out of the house and back into the real world.  Took it easy working from home today and other than being a bit tired, doing great.  I’ll be back in tomorrow with then the weekend to spend on the couch.  First post op visit is Monday afternoone

One Response to “Off the Couch”

  1. The sound of the crutch IS a dead give away gimp is a comin! The real world feels good even if it is work I bet.
    Monday you will probably get your stitches out(if you have them) and a first look at your doc’s handiwork. It’s kinda exciting in the AT world. You have to take your jollies where you can get them at your stage.
    Let us know what happens and what your doc’s protocol is!
    Have a great weekend warming the couch!

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