Need some good leg workout with or without weights to strengthen the legs, Due to the injury I feel that I have put a lot of pressure on  my left leg and since I’m at FWB doing exercises I’m near full activity my surgeon worked on Kobe A month before his injury, I guess he knew as well it was an achilles ice treatment.  I want to get back on the court my friends say why? I see it as a mountain to climb and reach the top to get back to the game I love. Anybody have workout exercises for legs thanks. Anybody else have friends doubt you can get back to your old self? I’m motivated to get back, I’m motivated not to be like Sherman Klump due to eating well just can’t do heavy cardio like spinning class yet. Any words to inspire thanks

Hello all I was so focused on recovery I forgot about my blog my apologies to all recovering. I’m at six months I do therapy twice a week still due to my calf muscle and my injury area still tingles like tinkerbell hit me with her wand! I’m an active person so I do weight for my upper body and abs, Because one of my fears was not being able to ride my bike and do leg press and other strength exercises for the area due to being scared and therapist not giving me the green light. I had a job where I walked a lot now I dont walk as far and still get pain if I turn it quickly or do jumping jacks. I want to know has anybody else have to change jobs or thought about quitting previous gym styles due to the injury, I wish everybody much success and back to pre injury strength. I have positive thoughts but when I think that it’s been 6 months plus I get down because I’m still feeling like I have ways to go to be back to 100%. I go dancing but after a long night my feet feel sore does anybody feet feel the same? Let me know. Thanks

No more boot! FWB

October 16, 2013 | | 5 Comments

Good morning achilles family, I’m at 12 1/2 weeks and my dr on Thursday gave me great news I’m going FWB and getting away from the boot! I have been playing  around the house in 2 shoes and in the pool doing heel raises on tippy toes. It’s hard on tippy toes on dry land lol! But my PT kicks my butt and tells me ladies older than me can do it, I was like dont let me kick you with my good foot! Being 6″5 and football body it’s quite funny to do some of these exercises but with doing these I see the way the muscles have to move and get the strength back.  I can drive now but it feels weird after a while in the car after a long duration. I know there are others here almost at this point or beyond and your stories keep me going. It has its moments if I go barefoot sometimes so ice and lotions to rub the injury location help so much. To all those going through this as my mother told me it will get better just be positive and don’t over do it.

Hello all I’m at 9 and a 1/2 wks  post op and I wear the boot for about two hours then switch to FWB in shoes for about two hours then back to the boot. I was told by my PT it would be swollen up and down for about 6 months to a year. Anyone else get to hear the statement like that?  Curious, but my foot swells  after long periods of time.  What do you guys use to help with your swelling thanks.

I’m at the 9 week point post op and my PT is going well and very aggressive In my exercises, My PT therapist has told me since I’m at FWB I can go to 2shoes but only for two hours then back to the boot. Then two hours  then boot, Has anyone been cleared to FWB but try 2 shoes with time constraints?   I’m doing well at FWB in shoes around the house and doing that with 1/2 inch wedges in my sneakers.  Not much pain but being very careful not to cause problems. Thx

Hello guys and ladies I was told by my PT that the pool is awesome to enhance flexibility. Any exercise to suggest.? Thanks

Hello All I’ve noticed now that I’m walking more the area of the injury is sensitive to the touch. Anybody else have this sensation?

Hello my recovering friends my PT and dr cleared me to reach the FWB level and early 2 shoes attempts. I’m 8 weeks now post op and was happy to go up to 75lbs  pwb.  My PT took my crutches and said walk this way, I still wear my boot but it was a challenge to walk without the crutches, It’s mainly mental and after a few steps made it across the room. I must say I have a 1/2 inch wedge in my boot and it feels weird to reach this point but I have a long road to go. It was quite funny my fear not to fall in front of my PT so I walked slow and steady. I was attempting 2 shoes as well this will be a great hurdle to jump, But I know practice and rubbing the scar area will reduce my swelling is what she said. I don’t know it’s swells when I walk but that is due to the foot movement and muscles that were stagnant. Anybody else feel weird trying to walk like you did before the injury? I even tried driving not far just enough to get a smile I went down the driveway and back up, it’s a stick shift I quickly drove it back. Let me know your feelings when you reached this point.

Got last wedge in boot!

September 15, 2013 | | 1 Comment

Dr gave me last wedge 1/2inch before totally flat FWB ! I still use crutches but the progress is inspiring . I will attempt some driving today with 2 shoes not with the boot on I wear a sz 15 shoe my boot looks like the Biggest cruise ship ever lol. Anyway I’ve heard everybody say go hard or aggressive with this injury I’m doing that its just my lower back hurts after a long day of the boot and walking with one crutch and even two.  Anybody else have this happen?