1 year Oh how things change

Its been a long time since my last post, lots going on.  To all of you with fresh surgical scares and shiny new boots know this; it will get better and easier and the incident will fade in your mind.  The doctors say in one year you’ll hardly remember or feel it or that it will not be the first thing you think of in the morning or the last thing you think of before bed at night.  For me I have finally had a few days and nights that that is true for.  Stay with what the doctors tell you, don’t overdo it, don’t think because someone is progressing faster than you are that your never going to heal.  These things take time. 

Here is what I have accomplished in the recovery year; 5 triathlons (1 being an oly distance on my one year anniversary) the others were sprints.  I ran my first sub 20 minute 5K ever.  I even bowled a perfect game my first one of those also.  My outlook on work and the stresses that I thought were important are’nt.  Family and being a good person is.  When you don’t expect things thats when they happen. 

Keep fighting the good fight, support each other, don’t stress the little things, time however slow it passes is still passing.


Wahoo!  2 shoes.  All is good.  Now the hard part starts.  I have to get my lower leg back to working like the good leg.  I will be starting a program specialized for returning to multi sports.  I am expected to be jogging on the treadmill by January.  Its not my favorite trail but I will take it.  I think I have my surgeon talked into training for a race next summer.  We will see.

Still working on ankle mobility, double heel raises, scare tissue break-up.  Next is gate and balance, I can’t wait to swim and maybe get out on my bike for a short ride.  We are expecting a snow storm in my area, as much as 6 inches ( 15cm).  It is to early for that much.  The only thing I am limited to is jumping out of a plane, I don’t plan on that any time soon.  I can list specific exercises once I get more into the PT.

For those of you just starting your journey; I was not ready to walk 2 weeks ago, I did work hard on all the things my theropist wanted me to.  She even said, in a few weeks you will be ready just give it the time you need.  Don’t push it or cheat ourself give it the time you need.

 Beleive it or not, going through this will make you a stronger person.  Take care to all.

wk 7 ps

Not a lot going on, small improvements but improvements none the less.  Lots of PT both at home and at the office.  Since I have been given the okay to ride the stationary bike I have been spending a good amount of time doing that.  It has really helped with the thigh and the knee.  I had a lot of atrophy as mentioned earlier.  I think that I have a good handle on it and the muscles will come back.  For anyone out there reading this at the start of your injury, start using your leg non weight bearing to keep the muscles active.   I used the weight of the cast to flex the thigh forward and contract the hamstring but I did not start until week 4-5.  The sooner the better. 

I am riding the bike.  I requested that, the Dr was not going to offer.  I ride with the heal on the peddle as to not transfer weight into the toe but through the heal.  I am walking in the boot.  It is a little uncomfortable and the first few steps pinch a little in the heal but the more I use it during the day the better it gets.  I am still weight training with lite weight to help with the excess energy so I can sleep a little better at night.  I think it is also helping to keep my middle in check.  In the two months since the injury I have only gained around 8 pounds.   PT is what I look forward to,  three times a day. 

I don’t remember the name of the persons story I read on the site but I remember he was from Canada and is a teacher.  His story told of a journey and the lite at the end of his journey to do what I hope to also do.  That is return to multi sport triatholon.  I did’nt think this would ever be possible and without reading his story I may not have the courage to overcome and some day return to a new sport for me.  Thanks agian for writing and to everyone else out there I wish you my best.

wk 5 ps

I got the boot!  Difficult at first, very painful.  I few days after all is going well.  PT starts tomarrow.  I have some movement in the foot and I am getting better in the calf.  Every day is 100% better than the day before.  I  can’t wait to get started.

wk #3 ps

Good news from the doctor, healing well and its on schedule  maybe a little ahead for as indepth as everything was.  Possibly a boot in the next week.  Atrophy is terrible, thigh and calf.  I did get the okay to start moving it up and down in the soft splint.  These first three weeks have been long and all the sitting around is paying off.  Now comes the hard part not over doing it. 

Can anyone whom is in pt tell me about what benifits hydro theropy?  My first choice for pt can not provide it but can take care of all my other needs.  Is it something that I need? 

My best goes out to all durring and after recovery.  Just give it time.

New Blogger wk 2 ps

Wow what a great site, to see all the people that are going through the same emotions and tension as I am.  My achilles tear happened playing football, 38 years old good health and fitness.  I was training with a few teens and coledge players and as I surged forward while covering a reciever bang.  Total tear or as the dr said shreaded.  I was a runner trying to  make a transition into triathlons.  I was fairly surtain all sports were over until I read some of the stories in here.  With patience and time I think I will survive.  

wk 2 elevate and rest.  I did get a good report from the dr first visit.  I am able to start free weight training of the upper body very lite weight with high reps.  Of course no weight bearing.  It gets some of the energy out of me so I can sleep.  No drugs this week, I do have a crawling sensation around my heel incision and a lot of muscle twitches from the knee down.  Purple toes like pretty much as veryone out there when I lower my foot for too long.  

Lots of good advise and suggestions for healing out there.   Until wk 3 see you next time.

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