How it all happened

Before I tell my story, let me tell you about my self.  I grew up in Central California and have been involved in sports all my life.  I was a 3 sport athlete in high school all 4 years (football, basketball, and baseball) and even had a couple of brief stints of basketball and football in jr. college that didn’t pan out.  So I got my education and worked toward my profession in law enforcement where I am currently employed as a correctional officer.

Now fast foward to Feb. 9 2008, I got a call from my brother-in-law and he had asked if I wanted to play in a flag football tournament.  I had said yes since I was currently training to play semi-pro football in march of 09.  I figured I could get a good workout in on a Saturday and have some fun.  I was in fairly good shape as I had lost about 20 lbs the past month (I was 6′4″ 265 at the time of injury) and my cardiovascular system was up to par.  I was not what you would call a weekend warrior.  My wife was dead set against me playing, she would always say that I would get hurt, but I went anyways.

The first game went good.  They used me as lineman with my size and quickness I was the perfect fit.  I got the game winning sack on 4th and goal with a minute left.  We won 7-0.  The next game was better, again they used me as lineman but they had me go out for passes on occasion.  I had 2 catches that game, 1 for a 70yrd td and another for 55 yrds.  We won 28-7, again everything was good.  We were ranked as the #1 seed in the tournament and had a game at 100 which gave us about 90 minutes of rest time.

First game of the playoffs, the game started out good, I had 4 good runs that would have been touchdowns if it wasn’t for good diving defensive plays.  Then it happened, 3rd and Goal 30 secs left in the first half, we broke the huddle and I was “supposed” to run a corner route, it had been open before but I was overthrown.  I got in to a basic wide reciever stance, left foot back knees bent. I knew I was going to score.  At the sound of “go” my life changed.  It felt like someone had kicked the back of my cleat and I went down.  I immediately looked back and did not see anyone, so as the play was still going on, I got up and tried to run again I fell.  I then knew something was wrong.  Even in excruciating pain the only thing that went through my mind was “ wife is going to be pissed!”  I got up a second time and limped off the field.  I sat on the sideline, looked at my ankle and knew that I had ruptured my achilles.  I had a visible 1 inch gap.  I changed my cleats and hobbled to my car.  I was parked about 200 yrds from the field and during that long agonizing walk, I called my wife to meet me at the hospital.  I drove myself (it was my left achilles) approximately 20 min to the hospital.  I was dripping with sweat the whole ride.  It was a fairly cool day and I had  broken a little sweat playing, but after it popped it felt like a 100degree day.  I was drenched.  Feburary 9, 2008 at 134pm a time I will never forget.

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  1. bigg - thanks for sharing your story. I was in my 6th week of playing b-ball in a rec league and happened during the last 20 secs of the game. What’s so messed up about this injury is that there is no warning…it just happens! How is the recovery going?

  2. Bigg,

    Wow, that’s one heck of a story. You ruptured it a day after I ruptured mine. Memories of my ATR day came rushing back after I read your story.
    I hope you are getting better. I took the liberty of setting up your ATR timeline. (upper right hand corner of your page.) I didn’t know your surgery date, so I just put in Feb 14th for now.

    How is the recovery going? Have you started partial weight bearing/walking yet?

    thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Bigg - thanks for sharing. It’s so odd how it happens and it’s common apparently for people to think someone’s kicked them. I’ve heard it described like you were wacked in the back of the leg with a hockey stick. I can relate to that description cause’ mine really hurt.. Good luck with recovery and hope your wife got over it.

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