Week 15 Progress

Hello all, I hope everyone is progressing through therapy and slowly making it back to a (somewhat) normal lifestyle. It’s interesting to me that I really don’t notice progress day to day, but when I look at it from a weekly standpoint, the progress is very noticeable.
The last few weeks I have really been [...]

Week 12 in 2 shoes

Week 12 came and went and I am happy to say that I have not used the boot at all this week, so I feel confident to say that I am ready to put in the deepest darkest confines of the basement. I am able to walk pretty well in comfortable sneakers with a small [...]

Week 10/11 Update

Hey everyone. So sorry I haven’t really said too much on the blog, however, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been reading everyone’s posts! I finally wanted to give a little update on my progress.
It’s promising how a few weeks and hard work can change your entire lifestyle when you have injuries such as ours. [...]

A message about those 1800s crutches and what to do

Just a quick post about getting around while you can’t walk, because we all know the most frustrating thing is the¬†immobility that comes with this injury.
I read almost everyone’s posts about what is best: crutches, iwalk, scooters, walkers, etc. and of course I started out with the crutches you are given from the doctor that [...]

The fall of the Big Cat

Hello to all at the blog and thank you for creating such a resourceful place where people can go to get real answers to all of their concerns.
Unfortunately, I come to you after a full rupture of my right Achilles from playing indoor soccer. I had made a cut up field and was going to [...]