Week 12 in 2 shoes

Week 12 came and went and I am happy to say that I have not used the boot at all this week, so I feel confident to say that I am ready to put in the deepest darkest confines of the basement. I am able to walk pretty well in comfortable sneakers with a small lift, however, it is easily apparent that I have a limp still. The best exercise really seems to be simply walking, it helps stretch the tendon out and begin building back those muscles in your calf and foot.

I had a big test this weekend that made me very nervous to tackle, but I was very successful. My friend planned a night out at the casino and as you may know, that requires a good bit of walking and standing. I felt confident I would be able to do it without the boot so I decided to go for it. Of course, I did do something to protect myself slightly. A few weeks ago,upon advice from others, I purchased a bauerfiend achillotrain ankle brace. I put on my dress sock first and then the brace that did a great job of stabilizing and protecting my ankle especially since I was not used to wearing a dress shoe. WOW with the brace on, even my friends commented that I had no limp at all. It felt so great to walk around without feeling restricted or the stares the boot brought me.

Once you are cleared to weight bear either in the boot or in a shoe, find a safe area to start walking and get to it. I have to give much of the progress achieved between week 10 and 12 to walking in the shoes and boot whenever I could.

Keep your head up and stay positive.

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  1. Way to go bigcatch!

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