A message about those 1800s crutches and what to do

Just a quick post about getting around while you can’t walk, because we all know the most frustrating thing is the immobility that comes with this injury.

I read almost everyone’s posts about what is best: crutches, iwalk, scooters, walkers, etc. and of course I started out with the crutches you are given from the doctor that were designed in the 1800s. These crutches (even with the amazon applied under arm pads) lasted maybe a week before I was like, THESE ARE GOING TO KILL ME. So, I decided to invest in the iWalk.


Do not get me wrong, I really liked the iWalk, it is an awesome resource for those of us that are up and at em all day. It’s comfortable, relatively easy to use, and good quality. However, my problem with it was that I want something that will get me where I need to be and than be out of my way. You have to constantly put it on and take it off because you can’t sit down with that thing protruding out in front of you like that. So I used mine for mainly outdoor type activities, and I never took it out in public. The biggest turn off for me with this system was simply this: I don’t care who you are, at some point you will either trip, or you will have to grab onto something on your way down, and I didn’t want to take that chance.


I was told to get Mobilegs by a friend of mine and wow what a difference when it comes to crutches. To be honest, I don’t think there is an easy way to get around on one leg, but for someone who is younger, in good shape, it was the best choice. For the same price as the iWalk, I had an extremely comfortable pair of crutches that made getting around a breeze, not to mention, I enjoyed the arm workout I got hahaha. I highly recommend them to someone that doesn’t want the scooter and refuses to accept they will fall with the iWalk. I in no way work for mobilegs, I just want people to know of a product that helped immensely.

If anyone needs any help with this dilemma, please feel free to message me. I wish I would of reached out to someone who had gone through it all when I was just figuring this out.

Stay positive, and keep your head up.

2 Responses to “A message about those 1800s crutches and what to do”

  1. Thanks for the review, bigcatch! Might be helpful to many! For me, I’ll probably stay in the 1800s. The positive side of crutches, like you said, is that it’s a good upper body workout.

    Keep plugging along!

    Happy healing!

  2. There is something called smart crutches as well. I have not used it, but someone mentioned in on my blog. If I am to ever need crutches again (hope not!) I might go for that (other than iWalk) if nothing new is invented.

    I was using iWalk2.0 most of the time though and loved it. I was doing everything on it. The important thing for me was precise adjustment of the iWalk angle at the set up time. This was making walking easy. Took few tries, but finally got it right. Having 2 free hands cannot be substituted by anything after all the pre-injury freedoms are taken away in that initial stage… I found shopping easy enough with it, since you can hold on to the cart. Other public places was something to get used to though. There was this weird special fear initially, but disappeared after a while.

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