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February 24, 2010 - Surgery and Week 1

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Surgery day came. I had stayed up all night to make sure that I could make it to the afternoon without eating. As many know, you can’t eat or drink from midnight the day before until surgery. My wife and mother took me to the hospital. Although it was my first real surgery (I had my wisdom teeth taken out before), I was not nervous at all, just anxious to get on the road to recovery.

After being prepped for surgery, my doctor came to go over the procedure one last time. Hour long surgery, in and out. The anesthesiologist then came to give me a nerve block that was suppose to numb me from my knee down to relieve me of any pain for the next 48 hours. He also gave me what he called, “happy hour”, which is a pretty heavy sedation. I don’t think I was put completely under, but I wouldn’t have known any different. The only thing I remember was waiting to ask the anesthesiologist a question after adding the happy hour to my IV only to wake up in the recovery room.

After the surgery, the nurse had told me that I had slept so long that the doctor had left. My wife and mother were there to greet me when I woke up and to let me that they spoke to the doctor and everything went as planned. The nurse then explained to us the medication I was prescribed and all the dos and don’ts for the next few days, and I was sent on my way.

From the time I ruptured through the surgery I rarely felt any sort of pain as long as my ankle/foot was stabilized. From day 1, I sat on the couch with my foot on the floor without any problem at all. The only reason why I ever elevated my foot was because that was what I was SUPPOSE to do, not because it relieved any sort of pain.

The only time I recall feeling any sort of pain during the 1st week was the night after surgery when the nerve block finally wore off. I think it was 4 am in the morning when I was woken out of my sleep by a throbbing pain coming from my ankle. The anesthesiologist was a little off on his estimation because I still had about another 12 hours left in the 48 hours he said the block would work. I woke up my wife, who was right next to me, after tossing and turning for a half hour and told her my foot was throbbing. She got up to get the medication the hospital had given me. After a couple of hours and as much medicine as allowed by the prescription, the pain was bearable. Of my entire recovery, that was my longest night to date. That episode was the only time I needed to take any sort of pain killer.

Week 1, post operation was a very slow and boring week. I spent 90% of the time on the couch and watched more TV than a human being should. I did try logging on to my work computer the week of the operation. The only day I wasn’t able to log on was the day after I had taken the pain killers. I felt nauseated sitting up at my laptop, so I had to turn the computer off and lay down. Other than that it was pretty uneventful.

I did speak to my doctor about elevating my foot, being that it bothered my sciatic (don’t ask, it’s a long story). I read in some of the blogs that elevating not only helped with pain, but also helped accelerate the healing process. I told him that I didn’t want do anything that would harm my progress, but I would prefer not to elevate. He said that elevating was for my own comfort and that it wouldn’t slow my recovery if I didn’t do it.

On the following Monday, 5 days after surgery and just over a week from my rupture I returned to work. Fortunately, my wife worked less than 1 mile away from my job, so she was able to drop me off. Besides going up and down 2 flights of stairs to the bathroom, which I had began to get the hang of from being at home, it was pretty much the same as sitting at home.

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