How to celebrate 6 weeks - go camping!

I’m coming up on 8 weeks post-op as of Friday and I wanted to document the progress of the past 2 weeks.   On week 6, we (my wife and 2 kids with some friends for good measure) went camping.  We have travel trailer (you might consider it more of a portable hotel room so I use the term camping loosely) and were scheduled to go to Mystic Ct area for a family vacation planned since last year.  I was only walking for 1 week at this point and I borrowed a wheel chair for the sight seeing.  My wife was a real trooper pushing me around like that for a week.  I’m a big guy so it was a lot of work.

My big fear was stumbling through the campsite after sitting by the fire and drinking 12 beers.  It was a perfect opportunity for re-rupture.  I was very careful always using a flashlight and roboboot.   I even asked the orthopod about the mechanics likely to cause a re-rupture so I could watch out for it.  It turned out better than fine.  Since I started removing my boot inside, I tried showing standing.  I swear that was the best shower of my life!  How nice it was to be a biped again. 

On week 7 I started PT.  I’ve had two sessions and still no significant pain.  Mainly stretching and very light strengthening (like a mild rubber band, but it all about improvement).    This past Sunday I mowed the lawn for the first time since June 2.   I started it while the wife was out shopping.  She was not happy with me when she returned, yet she didn’t stop me either!  And I don’t blame after all she has been doing for the last 8+weeks since ATR.

Progress has been rapid.  I walk inside without the boot.  Walk outside with the boot, but I am very careful and continuously cognizant of the topography (btw - it’s the heal in a hole motion that will get you).  In one week of PT,  I already have about90% or more of my flexibility.  Every day I walk better, further, and longer.  I suspect this rate slows down tremendously.  I’m going to enjoy the progress in the mean time.   

My goal is to be walking normal with all day endurance 5 months post op.  We have a Walt Disney World trip planned just after Thanksgiving, which we’ve been planning for the last 4 years.  I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll be able to handle it if I keep working the stretching and strengthening.

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