Now that I’m walking in a boot….

Currently 4 weeks and 4 days post op.  I have been walking for 3 days in the robo-boot.  I’ve been wearing my work boots all the time since they have the largest heal leading to the least difference in height.  So, what are the other solutions?  There must be much better ones than this. 

Also, I’ve been doing stairs always with the injured leg completely strainght, one step at a time.  How long before I can walk up stairs with each foot leading?  I’m tempted to try, but afraid.

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  1. Good for you, BB. That’s awesome. We’re abt the same time post-op but I’m a little behind you in the walking dept. I’m not quite at 90 degs. I try to work it back a little each day (past 2 days) but it feels like the skin and the other tissue around my repair is just really tight and won’t let me stretch. I’m anxious to get to 90 so I can stand and then walk like you. Keep it up. I’m chasing you! (trying to at least.)

  2. Thanks Wub! I’m concerned about it being too easy to get to 90 degrees. I wonder if the tendon is too long as discussed in some of the other blogs.

    The pain has been minimal too. Been waiting for it at each phase of the recovery. Very little pain. When this first happened, I told the guys on the court that “this is bad since it doesn’t hurt enough”. Almost 6 weeks later and I still have that feeling!

  3. Hi guys
    just got boot yesterday after 8 weeks in a cast. what a disgusting sight when they took the cast off for the last time but hey I’m probably the vainest person ever.:-)
    Feels lovely to be out of the cast and able to sleep with a bare leg, however, I expected some swelling in my foot , but from the right side of the scar and along the side of my foot is totally numb. Is this normal and will it get better. It feels really wierd.
    Have you felt the same

  4. Debbie,
    I got my cast off yesterday after having it on for 6 weeks. You are right, what a disgusting sight! it will be awhile before I am even brave enough to have it seen to have a pedicure.
    What I was not prepared for was the pain! I am full weight bearing in a boot and every step is agony. I hope this will improve soon!!

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