So it was 27 days post-op and I had jury duty.  I went because for sure the alternate date would inevitably been far worse.  My crutch made a bit of scene as most people have never seen anything like it.  I actually got seated on the jury on a criminal case…but that is not important to this blog.  What is important is what happened while I was waiting in the jury pool room.  I took my boot off to do some flexibility exercises and noted my foot stunk!  It was very embarrassing.  When I got home and pealed back the dressing..weell  I think EEEWWW says it all.  The wound was infected and had an awfulstench.  The dressing was only 1.5 days old.  Very weird and I have no good theories as to how this happened.  Pictures proved at the bottom for those with strong stomachs.  Fear not, all ends well.

Worked from home the next day and saw Dr. in the morning.  He cleaned the wound and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and proceeded to tell me to put as much weight as I can stand on the foot.  I was stunned.  Going for gold I  asked how long I can have the boot off…thinking like I could watch a movie…he gave me permission to sleep without this thing.  I can have it off as much as I want provided I do NOT put weight on the foot without the boot on.  Wow.  The day started off poor, but took a huge and unexpected turn for the better.

Interestingly I got home and couldn’t figure out how to walk.  I was too timid.  Three days later I got up on after Sunday morning breakfast and started walking (well hobbling…but how great is this).  Picture of first walk attached (4wks 3 days post-op).


Here are the picture.  This is after th Dr. cleaned up the mess.


And 3 days later ….drum roll please….walking!


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  1. Congrats on the walking. I see the Dr. Wednesday AM and am hoping for some similar advise. Still at NWB but aspire to be PWB or do I dare say FWB.

    Keep on Truckin’

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