5-weeks post-op & drove my motorcycle

I had an appointment with my othopod today.  He gave me the order for PT and told me to come back in 6 weeks.  He indicated I can start immediately and maybe be in 2-shoes in a couple of weeks.  He also cleared me for swimming without my boot, which is great since we are [...]

Now that I’m walking in a boot….

Currently 4 weeks and 4 days post op.  I have been walking for 3 days in the robo-boot.  I’ve been wearing my work boots all the time since they have the largest heal leading to the least difference in height.  So, what are the other solutions?  There must be much better ones than this. 
Also, I’ve [...]


So it was 27 days post-op and I had jury duty.  I went because for sure the alternate date would inevitably been far worse.  My crutch made a bit of scene as most people have never seen anything like it.  I actually got seated on the jury on a criminal case…but that is not important [...]

Staples Removed @21 days

Well my scheduled appointment to see my doctor got delayed because he caught pnemonia!  Anyway, the substitute removed the staples @ 3 weeks and put me in a boot!  However, he told me to treat it like a cast and sent me on my way.  Had I known how difficult it is to sleep in, I would have [...]