5 days post op

Well today is 5 days post op.  I am in very little pain.  I stopped the vicodin yesterday morning and only used ibuprofen since yesterday.  Pain and swelling have been low.  The only issue is that my toes get dark when I don’t have the foot elevated. 

You’ll all be glad to know I finally took my first post op shower!   Wow, did I stink.  It felt quite good.  Not as difficult as I had envisioned.  Simply used a shower chair and a dry cast shower bag.

Have really started to get used to my “I walk free”.  Its great for so many simple things.  Even going up stairs is a breeze.  Still getting the hang of going down and my injured foot hits the stair behind.  Also went outside and walked around the house yesterday with it and enjoyed the fresh air.  I was temped to play catch with my youngest daughter, but didn’t want to push it yet.


I’m starting to check in at work despite planning on taking this entire week off.  I guess when when you bored enough, even work sounds good!

My 10 year old daughter has a cast on the same foot due to a broken growth plate!  She’ll be cast free next week.

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  1. hiya…I had my tendon op the same day as you did. Have you got a plaster cast or a boot? I’m having expensive private treatment so I was given an Aircast Walker boot. I’m having the stitches removed tomorrow, then next week I can take the boot off for showering…that will be nice.
    Can you carry a full cup of tea?….lol


  2. I Mal. That sounds wonderful. I am in a plaster cast and it is not scheduled to come off until June 30! Likely followed by another cast with more of an angle.

    Are you allowed to put weight on that boot?

    I haven’t carried tea, but I have carred a full cup of soup. It does take a couple of hours to get used to, but I can use both hands and carry things that can spill. I was going to take the trash out to the curb yesterday, but my wife beat me to it.

  3. beef….this Aircast boot is wonderful. It was fitted when I came round after my op 10 days ago. I can put a slight weight on it already, but still need crutches to get up to speed. It’s got 4 slices of plastic under the heel which I assume will be taken out one by one in due course. The good thing about this boot is that you can take it off to wash your foot and remove the perfume coming therefrom!
    I think I’m expected to wear the boot for 6 weeks. As they cost about £200, they are not often used by the NHS.

  4. The two cast photo is priceless! So cute.

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