Hellow fellow achillesbloggers

I ruptured my right Achilles tendon on June 2 2009 playing basketball.  Wasn’t even moving although I’d like to claim it happend as a result of Dwight Howard crushing slam dunk.  I faked a shot and went to drive to the hoop.  Unfortunately, my right leg fell from below me and recall hearing the infamous pop sound while falling.

Its now been 5 days since my injury.  Surgury is scheduled for June 12, the day before my 40th birthday.  I am in fairly good spirits as I can still work and help out around the house.  I have been very surprised a the lack of pain.  I’m guessing my positive outlook will sour in a week.

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  1. Hey man, how’s it going. I tore my Achilles on May 10, 2009 playing flag football. I had my surgery on June 2, so go figure, as I was getting fixed you were tearing yours. In any event, the surgery will all be over soon, and you can spend your summer sitting on your ass for the most part as I have to. I wish you the best of luck man. I do not envy you about 2 days after your surgery and your leg feels like it’s being set on fire when you have to stand up.

    Take it easy man and keep in touch.

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