April 2 Achilles Rupture

I ruptured my achilles on April 2 while ukrainian dancing at a family wedding. Decided to go the non surgical route. I am late 40’s & in good physical shape. I was in 2 different casts Nwb for 1 month. Then I was in a boot for 1 month weight bearing with crutches. June 4th the boot came off & I was okayed to start walking with use of 1 crutch as needed & weekly Physio. Had a few limitations - no walking on grass, crutch & railing for stairs & up stairs good foot forward only one at a time, no ramps. I was okayed to drive,

Ankle was very stiff & not as flexible as hoped. 1 month of Physio & I am not using crutches at all working on flexible ankle & strength. Have been cleared for stairs but must have railing, walking up ramp okayed, walking on lawns okayed. Working on stairs up & down to get the appropriate flex & strength in ankle. Hard part is not working too hard on getting back to normal. Also panic about rerupturing. Any time I feel something different I panic.

Really wanting to get on the golf course by Aug 1. Also want to be back on the ice curling by October.

Difficult part of injury is mental not being able to do everything you want & participate in sport/social type functions. Trying to stay positive but feel isolated.

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