Beware of sleepwalking…LEARN TO LOVE THE BOOT!

So, I’m almost 4 weeks post ATR (left leg). Had some numbness on my big toe and top of foot. Determined it wasn’t nerve damage and the doctor told me it is normal and that the numbness will go away eventually. The pain from the numbness was keeping me up at night (awake every 2 hours and Percocet wasn’t helping) so I told my doctor about it when I was getting my stitches out last week. He prescribed something to help with the nerve pain at night that will help me sleep. It has been wonderful! Even sleeping with the big boot and turning over doesn’t really bother me.

At this point the crutches are annoying me and I’d love to walk and DRIVE! At the same time, I’m keeping this in perspective and realize this is part of the process and I will get better. I have a dear friend going through much worse than this. ATR is an awful injury, not an illness. My mind and body would love to walk, so last night…they did just that!  I somehow woke up on the floor with the light on and my husband totally freaked out because I screamed. I apparently got out of bed and attempted to walk, but obviously fell. I have zero recollection of attempting to walk. It’s not easy to get up off the floor with the boot and serious medication in you and being clueless of what happened. I don’t think I knew whether to laugh or cry. My husband helped me up, got ice for my leg and once again kept me calm. I couldn’t get through this without him.

If I for some reason didn’t have that BOOT on while I was sleeping, it could’ve been awful. I was lucky to escape with just some soreness and feeling a little beat up.

My message to everyone today: LEARN TO LOVE THE BOOT!

What just happened here?

As I sit here with my leg raised on day 20 of Full ATR, I’m determined to heal and share my story to help others. I’m 44 years old and have always been active. I played Division 1 College Soccer, NCAA Tournaments, a Final Four and now I love to play tennis, golf, run, walk, yoga…you name it. I do not sit still. I’m a realtor, mom, with 2 busy kids, a golden-doodle that is now glued to me and a husband that commutes to NYC. I work out to keep my mind clear and to stay healthy. In all my years of playing competitive soccer, I’ve witnessed a ton of injuries, but never an ATR…until 10/3/15.

I was at the gym, feeling great, our class was finishing with burpees into sprints! Probably my last sprint of the day and then SNAP & POP! I literally fall and tell everyone…that was my Achilles, get me ice, a box to elevate and medicine ASAP! Surprisingly, I was super calm, probably in shock. I even received an offer on one of my listings during my workout and was able to call the other agent on my way to the ER!

Went immediately to the ER, where they could tell just by looking at my left foot, I had a complete ATR.  Less than a week later after 2 visits to the doctor and an MRI, on 10/9/15, I have the surgery to repair!   The most uncomfortable part of the week in between the rupture and the surgery was the feeling in my heel that it wasn’t attached, besides that, the pain medicine helped along with R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

So, I’m feeling great post-op and rest all weekend. Monday, my kids are off from school (10/12/15) and we’re outside enjoying the beautiful day. I’m on this cool little scooter my husband rented so I didn’t have to solely rely on the crutches and could get some fresh air and what happens? I fall! In my head, I just didn’t realize that my balance could be so off and that my body was needing to truly rest. If you told me, I could try to run with the post-op cast-like contraption, I’d say "let’s go!"

It honestly was the worst pain I’ve felt. Shooting, burning, up my leg. My kids ride their bikes to get help from my neighbors (we live in the woods) and thankfully, they come to my rescue. I couldn’t move from the ground.  My point in sharing this is…that you need to realize what your body has been through and that this is a serious injury. If you are an active person like myself, do not try to scoot around outside at all 3 days post-surgery. Your body is healing and reconnecting. Be extremely careful on the crutches, as well.

So, off to the doctor the next day, for what was the most unpleasant experience of this whole thing. To lay on my stomach while 4 doctors poked and prodded my leg, was absolutely awful. I didn’t scream as loud when I popped out my son during natural childbirth. The good news…my Achilles was still intact!

Stitches were removed 10/20/15 and now my new BFF is this big ol’ boot. It’s heavy and clumsy. I’m scared to take it off at all due to the feeling of lack of support. My toes are pointed down and I’m not allowed to drive yet. Another challenge!

I’m beyond thankful for friends,  family and neighbors that are shuttling my kids daily! This is hard for me to accept, but I also had my favorite yoga teacher visit me last week. I’m learning how to meditate and am reading "Real Happiness, The Power of Meditation." I had an awesome "chair yoga" session with her and am focused on "lovingkindness," reconnecting (mentally and my Achilles, physically) and essential cohesiveness.

Take it easy. Elevate above your heart. Accept that others want to help. Ice. Rest. Be kind to yourself.

Like this blog tells us all…it’s a marathon to recover from an ATR, not a sprint. Embrace this and take each day as it comes.

New pains and challenges have come at me daily, but I’m learning from each and every one of them.

I will come back stronger and better…but will always pass on doing a burpee into a sprint!