Week 16

October 4th, 2016

So it has been four months since the rupture, and I am starting to see light at the end of this tunnel.

By all accounts (doctor and physiotherapist), I am doing well and on the road to recovery. I am looking forward to playing hockey again by the beginning of December and starting to skate at the beginning of November (1 month away)! I will also start running again probably in January as hockey is my primary goal and running secondary.

I am walking normally now (no limp), except in the morning. The tendon is still very tight and takes a while to get warmed up. My physiotherapist says that a lot of the tightness comes from the unused calf muscle. I go for excruciatingly painful calf massages weekly (fun, right?), but I cannot tell you how tremendously they help.

My orthopaedic surgeon has told me that when my leg is back to 80% of my “normal” leg, it is sufficient strength to go back to physical activities.

Once the tightness has worn off, my leg feels more or less back to normal. I do, however, realize that it is still very weak. Daily reminders like trying to trot across the street or climb stairs, make me realize that I still need to be cautious.

I have been very diligent with my physio. I try to get in one to two hours daily, which also includes cardio and non-physio-related exercises. I am also fortunate to have access to a pool, which has been an amazing addition to my routine. So I alternate with pool days and dry land training. As well, there are a lot of exercise that can be done while just standing around or watching TV, so I try to take full advantage of those opportunities as well.

Right now my training consists of:

Pool Training
Lap training warmup (freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke), jogging on the spot (water just over my waist), simulated rope skipping, squats, heel raises and balancing on one leg

Dry land Training
Early on, though research, I was directed to the YouTube channel of Brady Browne (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAr6DFQW4nepXw2BWMYzKsQ). He is a great inspiration as well as offers a lot of wonderful advice and exercises, which are very similar to the ones my physiotherapist recommended. He also went the non-surgical route.

2 Responses to “Week 16”

  1. agnesatr on October 12, 2016 10:58 pm

    Good to see you are doing well. Looks like we are pretty similar time frame and both non-op. I also found Brady Brownie, as well as Evan Brown’s blogs early on.

    Glad to see you are writing about pool days. I have been to the pool couple of times and swam with a pull buoy, but I need to include it in my routine more regularly for some regular lap swimming.

    Good luck with going back to skating in Nov! I am looking forward to skiing in Jan/Feb.

  2. bestfoot4ward on October 19, 2016 4:54 pm

    Thank you so much for your comment, agnesatr. Your blog is fantastic! So well documented with lots of good exercises and pictures. Very helpful.

    At this point in my recovery, week 18, I also find Abigail Irozuru’s blog (https://abigailirozuru.com/achilles-tendon-rupture-full-rehab-pt-program/) to be very helpful as well, especially for skipping, jumping, etc.

    I have two weeks to go until I will be skating again, and I find that I’m growing impatient! Good luck with skiing this winter. It will be amazing to finally be back to doing the things we love!

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