Sep 30 2008

7 weeks conservative - almost 90 degrees

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My ATR happened playing tennis on 10 August ,,,,, its was a complete rupture.

I decided after been given the choice that the conservative route was the best for me…. I had no intentions of a high impact sport again….. and with the secondary issue of surgery and the hospitals record on MRI and other infections I decided that the surgery option would be the last option … if the conservative route did not work….. still early days… but

I am now at 7 weeks 2 days…. and my foot has now been recast at almost 90 degrees (85 degrees)

The surgeon wants the plaster off totally next week….. thats 8 weeks two days post ATR.

Whilst I was in the plaster room today… i met a physio therapist who happened to be visiting… he said my muscle tone looks good.

Unlike some others… I have not been sitting down all the time.  I was on holiday in Cyprus for 10 days… only 5 days after ATR.

I am a self-employed architect and still needed to visit site and see clients… generally I have been out of the house 3 / 4 days a week.  Moving around at the office and on site.

I have also been taking pills:  “glucosamine & chondroitin ” every day, and also wiggling those toes.

I have been taking it easy when I can…. but I strongly feel that the exercising of the other parts are still important.



2 Responses to “7 weeks conservative - almost 90 degrees”

  1. uknodgeron 01 Oct 2008 at 4:27 am

    Sounding good… you should be in the boot next week. I am sure all your activity will reap rewards as you learn to hobble!

  2. shelleyon 01 Oct 2008 at 11:03 am

    Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Happy healing.

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