Looking for Vaco Cast Feedback

I’ve been doing a lot of research on that Vaco Cast and I think it’s what I want to rock with when it’s time for me to get booted. I figured if it’s good enough for  teams in the Bundesliga, it’s good enough for me. But my surgeon had never heard of it, so I [...]

Surgery on Deck

Karma definitely wanted me to have a pair of crutches

The Diagnosis

Another hour or so passed before I met the second form-filling secretary. When she was done with me I sat for another forty minutes

July 22, 2012

That particular Sunday was supposed to be one of those easy summer days that creates mosaics with the memories from other easy summer days. The movement was initially to take me to the beach for a much needed day relaxing with a good buddy of mine. But as luck would have it things came up [...]