Approaching at the Verrazano

As you can see from my marathon chart I’ve progressed .7 miles on my marathon tracker, which can only mean one thing, my surgery was yesterday! Now I am not just staring at the Verrazano, but getting ready to make my way actions it!

My surgery went pretty well. I didn’t have to be at the surgical center until 9, which meant I got to sleep in. During the two weeks between my ATR and my operation I have been going to work, helping paint the school I work at. I wasn’t going to let anything, not crutches or a severed tendon, prevent me from keeping a roof over my head.

I was very nervous before my operation, which meant I was cracking a lot of jokes with the staff as I waited for Dr. Pagliaro to be ready for me. And since he is such a good surgeon, and thorough, I had to wait about 3 and a half hours before they prepped me for surgery.

Around noon the anesthesiologist came to give me my block anesthesia. It must’ve been a pretty big needle because I could feel it digging in the back of my knee as she looked for the nerve. I was told that this would make my leg numb, but it felt pretty much the same all the way up until they wheeled me into the OR.

And I was feeling pretty good until I they took me into the operating theater. I had never had surgery before, so the reality of what was about to happen overwhelmed me. I wasn’t in there for more than three minutes before they put me under and my nice dream began.

Unfortunately my medicine wore off just as my dream was starting to get good. I was expecting to be really groggy and nauseous but I didn’t feel that bad when I woke up. The only hitch came when the nurse asked me if I could feel her touching my toes. I could, which meant that the block anesthesia didn’t work as well as intended. So much for 29 hours of local pain relief.

That being said I ate my post-op snack, the best juice & cheese crackers ever made, and listened to my instructions. It was about five when they wheeled me out to the lobby and got to see the smiling faces of my rise and her son. I was so relieved to be heading home to start my recovery.

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  1. My bad I meant to say .07 miles. I think I’m still at the toll booth

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