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When I first heard my diagnosis I was speechless.  Granted, people get way worse news from their doctors than ATR, and I certainly don’t want to lose sight of the fact that I’ve been blessed with thirty-three years of perfect health. I was taken aback because my Achilles didn’t feel like it was ruptured yet Dr. Fletcher knew what was wrong immediately. It was also strange hearing how bad the injury was; he and his colleague (my surgeon) said that it was a high rupture that would not heal without surgery. I tried to regain my composure and ask some questions but I wasn’t making much sense. July 2012 had started with the passing of Lew, my beloved pit bull that I had owned for the last fourteen years. This injury feels like a physical manifestation of the grief I was feeling.

After the examination room my next stop was the cast (casting?) room and yet another reminder how how great it was to be a patient of Dr. Beede. My clouded mind had me thinking I was getting some kind of air cast or boot, not the Fiberglass albatross that has held me down for the past week and a half. It wasn’t until the nurse started wrapping me up that I realized what was being put on my leg. I was also naive in assuming that an orthopedic office had crutches. Luckily the people at TOG were kind enough to wheel me to my car so I could try to get my hands on some crutches.

Karma definitely wanted me to have a pair of crutches. Not knowing what else to do, I headed for the only medical supply store that I knew of. This despite the fact that it was 6:30 & they close at five. Luckily for me the manager/co-owner was literally standing at the door as I pulled up. He was also a decent human being, so when he saw the condition I was in he made sure I didn’t have to go anywhere else to get crutches. He even made brought them to me in my car and fitted them for me in the parking lot. There’s no telling how my day would’ve ended if I did cross paths with that guy. I certainly wouldn’t of been able to get to work the next day; and despite my ATR I needed to continue to work.

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  1. Keep smiling! Are you to have surgery then or are you going non op route?
    There are lots of people on here that you can use for help and advice! Happy healing. I am only 5 weeks post surgery and I feel great but frustrated that I still can’t do anything! It’s hard but we will get there!

  2. Thanks pauls! Spoiler alert!!! I just got out of surgery an hour ago. I’m glad to hear you are progressing so well form your operation. Are you in a walking boot or still in a cast?

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  3. Keep your head up bro. My tear was high as well and I am also 33. At least you have a doctor that is saying surgery, no other option. I wish I would have had that at first because I opted for conservative treatment, which in the end I should not have done. My injury was more severe than my Podiatrist made me believe (Severely Pulled Achilles, the most severe pull he had seen). I mean, he looked at the MRI and said no tears. Either way, Hindsight is a bitch, but can also be learned from.

    I have never had a problem with my legs all my life. The first 2 days after my injury I hopped everywhere. At first I was good at it, but it quickly made my good hip sore. People talk a lot of smack about crutches, but I would be lost without mine. I am not a heavy guy 135lbs so that helps. Here in Colorado, our grocery store King Soopers allows you to rent crutches for 30 dollars. Then you can return them and get your 30 dollars back. First time around Ortho office lent me some which was cool. Glad that dude was there and helped you out. People can be so kind when you are layed up.

    Second time around I got some beaten up crutches from the grocery store. I mean they look like they have seen better days. Wife offered to exchange them in but I told her not to. You mentioned Karma, I am almost channeling all the other good folks who used these crutches to get better. I take the vibe from a positive standpoint. Another thing is that sometimes when I people watch I see an Achilles Tendon on someone and will be like man that looks like a work of art. I just try and stay positive and laugh at things. When I was where you were on June 16th, June 17th, June 18th, I was miserable. I am a grown man and would cry for no reason, asking “why” this happened to me. It is natural, but at some point I had to call an end to the pity party. Mentally it was not doing anything for me. Once I got surgery it allowed my brain to move forward and embrace the future and not dwell on the past.

  4. Did you get the popliteal block prior to surgery?

  5. You right MtnMarco I find myself admiring folks Achilles & I’ve also gotten pretty emotional thinking about the injury and long recovery. I’m glad I’m not the only grown man on here willing to admit this injury had me crying! I got the block but they said it didn’t really work because as soon as I woke up I could feel them touching my foot. Saul good though my Achilles feels better than it did yesterday, it all up from here dude. Thanks for reading and sharing dude!

  6. benz,
    So sorry to read that you ruptured your AT so soon after your dog died. I’ve had dogs all my life and I know what it feels like when you lose one. At least your AT held out long enough for you to give as much attention as you could to Lew. None of my dogs had gone quietly in their sleep and they all needed a lot of care from me and my wife in their last few months. I have a 12 year-old German shepherd and I can’t imagine how I would have handled it if he needed me and I was laid up because of this injury.

    Glad to hear that it sounds like you made through surgery okay. Take care of yourself and keep us posted about your recovery.

  7. Thanks star. As much as I miss her I’m grateful that my Achilles held out until after she passed. She required a lot of care, anf as you know it is very similar to a human geriatric patient and there is no way I would be able to properly care for her in my condition. Thanks for reading and your kind comments, I will keep you guys posted

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